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2300 starship design software?

I'm crafting some now. It'll be in Excel 2000 (so from previous experience it won't run too well on older or newer versions - damn you Microsoft).

So far I have the power plants and stutterwarp side of things taken care of so long as you don;t want more than 3 powerplants or any kind.
I have a couple of questions regarding ship design.

1): Targeting computers. Is it one computer per UTES/TTA, per mount or per ship?

2): Accomodations. Is it 10 tons + 0.1 per m3 per person, or is it 10 tons as a base, and then 0.1 per m3 per person (10+0.1 x persons) or (10+(0.1 x persons)

3): Solar arrays: Does anyone have stats for these?

4): Fixed weapons. Are there any good 'canon-ish' extra weapons beyond the 6 supplied in the NAM?