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20 ton hvy fighter,high survivability


Once saw a thing for a 20 ton armed gig,tinkered with it for high guard dont have the exact stats but it was 20 tons and had factor 13 armor.Why factor 13 armor,statistically makes it immune to everything smaller than a spinal mount,also it weighed 3.3 ton for the armor and had a small bunk or stateroom for the 2 crew thus making it high endurance and highly survivable.Weapons mix personal choice.I loaded 10-20,000? of these in a 1,000,000 ton wasp class carrierTL15 with a spinal mount.Additionally,the pilots were held in frozenwatch until needed or launched.A transport and assault tank version of the wasp were also available for planetary assault.sorry icdnt be more specific It was 20 yrs ago and id have to dig it out/or redo
I built this baby back in the Classic/HG days. Built at TL15, it's a 30 tonner armed with a particle beam cannon. 6g manuever and Agility and to keep it from getting vaped by the longer ranged lasers a whopping 15 Armour. I remeber how hardly nothing could scratch this thing in High Guard, as it continued to take pot shots with the PAW, knocking out the computers quite a bit. Yes, at TL15 the obscene is possible. TL16 is even more so!

I of course have converted the ol warbird to T20 stats. Both CT and T20 versions are availabale from the X-TEK website.

Here's HG stats:

Thunderbolt-class Gunned Fighter(Particle)
FG-0106P11-F00000-00200-0 MCr 47.515 30 Tons

Broken Down:
30dt Needle Hull
Crew of 1
J-0, M-6, PP-23, 6.9EP, 6 Agility
Mod/2 Computer with No Bridge (treat as Mod/1)
Armed with Single PAW Turret (USP2)
Armour Factor 15
6.9dt Fuel (28 days)
0.8dt for Cargo

Direct URLs:

CT: http://www.ao.net/~cmdrx/xtek/ships/ct/hgbolt.htm

T20: http://www.ao.net/~cmdrx/xtek/ships/t20/fg1110.htm

GURPS: http://www.ao.net/~cmdrx/xtek/ships/gt/BOLT.HTM