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11 PM Military channel

Uncle Bob

SOC-14 1K
Program on the US Navy's new X-craft

1400 tons, 50 kt. 12 standard "mission modules" ea the size of a standard 20' shipping module
Good heads up Uncle Bob. Unfortunately I don't get the channel :( I found a site with some specs and pics for others who missed the show:


I have seen it before, a while back, unless I'm thinking of a different ship? This one seems to have more crew than I recall the earlier one needing. Twenty six now versus four (with heavy computer automation) if I recall. Could be that was the minimum needed, or just the officers, or the needs changed. Ah, there it is in the writeup...

"Typically, the ship will operate with just three watchstanders and one roving patrol to monitor and configure engineering systems. This reduced manning will be supported by a level of automation and sophisticated monitoring of systems and equipment previously absent on US Navy ships."

So the memory is not totally shot, just a little foggy on details ;)

Sounds a lot like Traveller ship crewing levels yes?

I also recall it being black and stealth coated like the airforce fighters while the one linked "looks" pretty ordinary. Of course I can think of lots of reasons for that too ;)

A very interesting design I think.
Part of the "Discovery Channel" family of cable channels.

Far Trader, you are thinking of Sea Shadow, a boat built by Lockheed for the Navy twenty years ago. It was also a catamaran (SWATH) hull, but much smaller and never intended to be mission-capable.

Obviously, the Navy has put a lot of the Sea Shadow lessons into the Sea Fighter/X-craft