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1 man "mind" ships?


is it possible design and build a ship that requires 1 crew member and plugs himself into the ship and controls the ships functions that arent normally atomated, like Gunnery and Pioliting. while at the same time being able to detach and go ashore, rest, ect?
Absolutely, if you don't mind uncharted territory ;)

It depends on which rules set you want to use but you'll have to pretty much make some assumptions and make it up yourself I think. There might be some bits and pieces of it scattered throughout the past 25+ years.
There is the TL14 Computer Implant (JotTAS 22, T20 rulebook) which allows man/machine interface and enhances just the skills/programs you're looking for.
FFS1 lists the neural jack as available from TL9 (10 for a less obvious one) Implant computers are also available from TL12 which allow "the character to calculate jump perameters, or run a master fire director, or pilot the ship through the atmosphere for landing" So if this is the system for you...
FFS (or sometimes FF&S) is the abbreviation for Fire, Fusion & Steel, the construction system that first appeared in the TNE (Traveller: New Era) line. T4 included FF&S2.

I don't have either, but understand they go into considerable detail for designing things, perfect for gearheads.

Obivously both are currently out of print, but available on E-bay.

FFS is a seperate book from the TNE mainbook. You of course need the mainbook to understand the rules you're using, but for the most part, FFS can stand alone, as you are given things in terms of every day values, like megajoules, kiloliters, and meters. For instance, you make a pistol that has a power of 2000 joules. FFS gives you a formula that tells you what 2000 joules does in TNE terms, and to understand that, you'd need the mainbook, just like a supplement for any other game system. That FFS gives you the value in joules, though (in addition to the mass in kg and the range in meters and stuff like that) allows you to translate the item into just about any rational system. And you get the satisfaction of making something really cool (if you DO make something really cool).