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Zhodani age mods?

Is the age table on page 114 missing the entry for zhodani age modifiers or are those supposed to be taken from the solamani entry? should this be added to the errata list?
the starting age table on page 120 is also missing the entry for zhodani humans.
According to the original Classic Traveller Zhodani supplement..... uhhh... the Zhodani humans live pretty much the same lifespan as the "baseline" Solomani/Terrans.

You want to be a long-lived Human? That would be the genetically-pure Vilani, where many of them can easily live to over 160 years.

As for "Zhodani in T20 rules", it probably makes sense that they follow the precedence established in Classic Traveller. They have the lifespan pretty much the same as ordinary Solomani/Terrans. Not much more, not much less.

Of course, you could say that Zhodani nobles "live a few years longer" on average than the Proles, due to Nobles having better access to health care, technology, drugs, anagathics, and psionic abilities, etc. Then again, you can say the same thing about any race.