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Zho relay stations in Solomani space? WTF?!


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Can someone please explain this....

I was peering thru some sector maps, and I looked at subsectors in Alpha Crucis (sector in the Solomani territories).

And I found that several planets in Subsector M (Alpha Crucis) were marked as having Zhodani Relay Stations.

WTF??!! How can the Zho's have stations/bases all the way down in Solomani territories? Maybe I missed something here in my years of absence from Traveller. Maybe someone can explain this to me. This is not an isolated case. Several planets in this subsector are clearly marked as having Zhodani stations.


Yep, just another Scout doing more perfectig, prefect, er, fixing of the old Scout Brew recipe than paying attention to the survey forms :D


Also check out the sneaky colocated Imperial Navy and Scout bases stationed in Zho space in the Spinward Marches Campaign book (0101-Zeycude a Zhodani system) ;)
Or perhaps this was supposed to be a map of the failed proposal of:

Traveller: The Weird Era
Secrets of the Solomani-Zhodani Axis of Evil
I don't know, I kinda like the idea of the two traditional rivals of the Imperium reaching out in cooperation. So I hope the mistake is not fixed rather we get an answer from above. That in the aftermath of Rim war, the Solomani began to forge alliances.

Keeping the old adage...the enemy of my enemy is my friend...psionics notwithstanding.
I dunno. I never really saw the Solomani as a "traditional" rival to the Imperium. The Zhodanis sure, they have always been a traditional enemy of the Imperium.... thru many many wars.

The Solomani? I see them more like a "rebellious punk small brother" to the Imperium. If we remember that the original Imperium was the OLDER brother Vilanis. And then suddenly the young punks from Earth burst into the scene and took the spotlight and claim the Galaxy as theirs.

Yup, the Solomanis are the selfish arrogant immature little brother to the Imperium.

The current Imperium being a big mixture of Solomani descendants and Vilani descendants... well, I cannot really say that the Solomani Confederation can be considered a natural enemy of Imperium. More like the "black sheep of the family"... that little brother who is a troublesome punk. He needs to be spanked, he needs to be slapped in the face and disciplined hard, every now and then. =)
Actually, I think it's a case of the base code being mistranslated. X, as far as I know, is 'non-imperial X-boat equivalent', and both the Zhodani and the Solomani have those.
These top-secret Zhodani relay stations are actually one of the keys to the secret of the Zhodani core expeditions. You see, the "ancient map projector" did include much more specific directions than one commonly thinks. Indeed, the "core expeditions" are but a ruse. In truth the Zhodani ship vast amounts of military material through the Ancient "Star Gate" located to coreward, which reappears rimward of the Solomani Rim. Ever wonder why exploration on this open frontier never seemed to go anywhere? Well, several expeditions "vanished"... go figure.
The Zhodani were poised to strike at the Imperium with the mighty ZORG (Zhodani Organized Retribution Group) force when something unexpected happened - the Solomani secession. You see, the Solomani Rim War was engineered and its course carefully steered by those few in the Imperial bureaucracy who saw through the Zhodani ploy. Now with a buffer state between them and the Imperium, the Zhodani are in a state of confusion. But what will happen when they make up their minds?


Actually, all the things are posted were lies. The "Zhodani Relay Stations" are based on the sloppy use of base code letters in world descriptions. ZORG and SORAG do not exist, and did not reprogam me.


Anthony is almost certainly correct.

It is most likely a base code that has either been reused or redefined.

This happened several times.

One example: The Darrian military bases were originally coded as "D" until someone figured out that "D" was supposed to mean Imperial Naval Depot. These were then changed to "M" in later releases of maps of the Spinward Marches.