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Writing Fiction

I recently joined this group. I have never played in or ran a Traveller campaign, though I've knowne about it sincethe game since I bought the basic three books in 1980 (?) I have created my own universe, created many characters and ran many scenarios with them. I bought all the suppliments, adventures and Traveller's Aide Journals that came out. Up until a point. I got married.

I have played Dungeons & Dragons in high school and college, but I liked Sci-Fi more than fantasy.

For years I have thought about writing a Sci-Fi novel. The problem with Sci-Fi is that you have to create a universe in which to set it. At first, I was thinking of Star Trek:TNG setting, but recently after finding the Traveller sites, I thought it would be a good setting for my story.

My question is who do I need to get permission to use the Traveller universe for my setting? If you are wondering when I last saw any Traveller material, it was the start of the Fifth Frontier War ( I think I got one or two issues of TJTAS after the WAR one). I cannot find any of my original books anymore.

Any help would be appreciated.