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Women gamers

Are you male or female?

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My current rp group has two females. One is a "girlfriend" of one of the players, the other is a bonafide Firefly/rpg/comic-book geek.

We're on our third session and have just hit our stride.

Update on finding a game my wife will play:

The Settlers of Cataan is a perfect fit. Geeks can appreciate the game and non-geeks will play it.
"I hope that I haven't offended anyone, it's just my bad experience with immature munchkins that was speaking... Most RPGers aren't like that, but the ones who are give the rest a BAD REP."

Naaaa. May of us were less mature once upon a time.
You just have to grow up at some point.

Hey, I was 13 when I started. Things were a little more, shall we say, stereotypical back then. We grew up eventually and now we play differently than we did back then.
Originally posted by Employee 2-4601:
...remember that, in our current patriarchal soceity, most females are enocouraged from a young age to develop more "people" skills while males are encouraged to develop more "technical" or agressive skills.
Oh pooh.
It is only partly a nurture issue - mostly its nature. People who have spent their parenting time preventing their sons from encountering any violence (TV, video games, etc) or gun-like objects report their boys still pick up sticks, point them at each other and yell "Bang!"

Originally posted by Employee 2-4601:
I know several women who like to play "sims" (e-mail based, "freeform", story-heavy RPGs)...
I think this has more to do with problem-solving than anything else. Guys like to solve problems (yes, usually with a liberal application of blood-letting in an RPG), while women are content not to. (BTW, all generalities here are just that - generalities!) It's a standard problem with relationships: the woman wants to talk about her problems, while the man wants to solve them (hence, missing the point of the conversation and making the woman cry or pissing her off).

Originally posted by Employee 2-4601:
From my experience, women tend more to the direction of rule-light storytelling than towards wargaming.
I think the "rules-light" bit comes from the problem-solving dilemna, as well. To a male mind, you can't solve the problem if you don't know the rules within which you are working. If you are just there to experience, rather than problem-solve, the rules are much less important.

Originally posted by stofsk:
(note: ---- buddies don't count)
Let's try to keep things a little classier, please.

Originally posted by stofsk:
This whole notion of a 'Shero' being somehow bad is irksome. They've had heroines for millenia...
A "shero" is like a shemale in reverse - a woman acting like a man. That's bad. A heroine, on the other hand, can be a lady, yet still be competent (which doesn't always involve kicking butt).

Originally posted by stofsk:
Alien/Aliens: Ripley was a professional. As already said, Lambert was the 'hysterical woman', Ripley in contrast was cool under pressure. But even then, she was still scared out of her mind. She's not some fearless 'rambolina' and to characterise her as such ignores the text of the film. Her 'rampage' at the end WASN'T out of character; instead of being scared she turned angry, which is a natural reaction.
And, for me, the problem occurred when the 3d movie came along. Then she became something... wierd. Her "rampage" at the end of Aliens was similar to Arnold's at the end of Predator, except she wasn't covered in mud. ;)

Originally posted by Baron Saarthuran von Gushiddan:
We seem to be (to Joss) able to make Spaceships and settle other planets, but of course can't cure social evils like, oh, I don't know... Bank Robbery? It's just not a future I would want to live in.
Well, a great many folks think human nature is the one thing we'll never really be able to change. And, why so many folks disliked ST:TNG - that whole "we've conquered human nature and everybody lives in peace and harmony now". Hooey.

Originally posted by Klaus:
She got close to being a proper equal at times, despite the skintight suit (and, lets face it, we all prefer that to Gil Gerard in a body stocking),...
I am fairly lucky in that my current 'core' gaming group has 2 ladies out of 7 members. One of them was in the group before I joined 7 years ago. The other started being a full time weekly member about 2 years ago.
Both of them also GM. One Star Wars and the other D&D 3.5. The 'story telling' aspect does seem to come out in the games they run, but we have always found them very engaging and entertaining. It's great to have someone bring a slightly differnet aspect to the game from what everyone is familiar and comfortable with.
It is my humble opinion after near 3 decades of gaming (mostly GMing) that most women can be brought into other rpgs thru COC, noooo sickos, I mean Call of Cthulhu. Many women (i hate stereotyping), many women with whom I am acquainted like mystery and problem solving sleuth like games. The drools of combat and bravado which are in many Fantasy and SCI-FI games turns them off. Now, having said this, our women have been very social creatures, thus once they have become part of the RPG group, they begin to realize what we have, it is more about hanging out together and there is a facet of social interaction that takes place.
So I recommend u start out with really short COC drills and then once they've learned to enjoy being part of the crowd branch off to other games slowly.
Someone voted on this and bumped the thread a tad. I have not had that much experience with women roleplaying gamers, but a lot of experience with women and girl board game players. In that case, their style of play is quite different from the males, as the ladies have a strong tendency to cooperate with other ladies, and avoid conflict when possible. Generally, depending on the game, the women have the greater likelihood of winning do to their cooperation.
recently voted

that might have been me. I just finished reading the whole thread, and it was very interesting.

when I first started playing rpg's, it was the sisters of 2 friends who played, but not for long (our teen years). when I first heard about rpg's, it was all about hack & slash playing (D&D). later, me and my friends played James Bond, D&D, Traveller, and Star Wars. there was more role playing, which is what made it interesting, and the hack & slash moments were where the action was.

I believe that any rpg should have times of roll playing and times of action. going too much either way makes it hard for those who are interested in the other. 'technical talk' that isn't part of role playing or quickly dealing with something in game, should be done outside of the game, so the flow of the game isn't slowed down.

I like to read, and a good storyline and good characters are good things. a GM provides the world and the players the characters, and together the story starts.

so for getting females into Traveller, or any other rpg, a world they can enjoy themselves with characters they like to play is probably big. sure, not every campaign will be fun for everyone, but if campaign plots can reach out to the different characters as the campaign goes along, every one benefits.
Very interesting since my wife and two of my female friends are three of the nine players and we have another female friend sitting in and playing NPC's....
It looks like the number of women who post on non-social media forums about Traveller is about 2%.

But I'd guess the number who *play* Traveller, based on personal experience, is about 20%.

(I've even run a campaign for an all women group, not counting myself.)
added nonbinary; I know there's at least one intersex individual who has an account; I don't know the username. And that's not counting the several transgender individuals; since the OP has asked, essentially, for physical...
Based on the results table, this also seems to be one of those broken polls where the results do not line up with the categories properly.
Based on the results table, this also seems to be one of those broken polls where the results do not line up with the categories properly.

They did line up prior to the recent (forced by ISP) server change.
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SOmeone may restart a new thread with the same question if they wish.
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