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Wither Fenris Wolf and Traveller (again) on the PC?

Does Fenris Wolf maintain the multimedia rights to Traveller for the purpose of developing a PC game? The below article was posted on IGN in early 1999.

Traveller RPG Headed to PC

Fenris Wolf acquires multimedia rights from paper RPG author; Bethesda veteran on the project.

February 10, 1999 - While the Traveller pen and paper roleplaying game system may not be as well known as Dungeons & Dragons, it remains a favorite of veteran roleplayers, both within and without the computer games industry. So perhaps it's surprising that more games haven't been based on this property.

Well at least one developer is ready to give Traveller a try--Fenris Wolf, the developer of the Rebel Moon series of action games, confirms that is has acquired the multimedia rights to the Traveller RPG system from Marc Miller, the original author of the gaming system.
Fenris says that a project is under development but it is not at liberty to discuss the details at the moment, since a publishing deal is still being worked out.

Joining the Fenris Wolf team to work on the project is Julian Le Fay, a long-time veteran of Bethesda Softworks. Le Fay was the chief programmer on such Bethesda game projects as Daggerfall and Arena, and according to Fenris, is a "huge" Traveller fan.

--IGN Staff

Not finding any website for the company in question and the game I did find a site for is distributed by Infrogames. My guess is they were gobbled up by Infrogames, split up, etc. . 3-4 years is a long time in computer game company time these days.

fenriswolf.com goes to a cybersquatter site

And I'm not seeing anything more than two Rebel Moon games.

Looks like a defunct company.