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Why would you buy 2320?

Why would you buy 2320?

  • I'm a 2300 player, but I'd prefer to use D20 mechanics

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2320 moves the 2300AD setting forward 20 years and converts it to D20/T20 mechanics. What is it that would most make you want to buy this game?
I don't care about the system (either I'd convert it to SilCore, or I'd rewrite the T20 rules) - I just want it for the background.
2300AD had some of the best background that I had ever encountered in a game. It also had some of the best science and believable technology in a game. Having it become a d20 system is useful to me because the original system is out of print and today's current crop of gamers is hooked on the d20 system (I tried to show them that there were other systems to use and kept hearing the complaint of "Why should I have to learn a new rules system to play a game?").
For me it's a cross between "buy to read" and "buy 'cause it's a hardish scifi-rpg." This is if I had enough money and there weren't something else I were there to buy.
Originally posted by Mark A. Siefert:
Personally, I think the D20 system is easier to use than the orginal 2300 AD system, especially combat.
I have yet to try any D20 system but, if it's
30 years on I'll try it....... ;)
Although, I am primary a collector...I am also a gamer which makes the 2320 a great background for a Harder SF background to my Traveller universe.

Plus, there were many unresolved storylines hidden in 2300AD, and I have ever confidence that Colin is working hard to create more mysteries. Also, toying as I have with running yet another First Contact mission dealing with the encounter on Barnard's. 2320 will provide an excellent backdrop to the era before the Interstellar Wars began.

As if I understand Jon's project correctly, GT is going move full thrust into the IW Milieu bypassing the Contact stage. Which for me exploration is more interesting than war and 2320 will provide a background for events that I could create along the Rim eventually culuminating in the Pathfinder mission to Kysu.
because i like the background, and i was in commando stage and survival in the 13eme DBLE :cool: (who are the best french army in this background)(btw DBLE mean : demi brigade de legion etrangere).
I am in the "collector" stage of my gaming existence (as were a surprising number of voter as of this message) and I seek background material. I never played, but I really enjoyed reading the products I did acquire over the years. The overall feel of this setting would justify buying this new product for my collection.

I guess looking over the responses...this product is going to be containing lots of background info over say rules. This is a good thing! Some time in December, for my Birthday, I have been promised Moot membership unless my wife vetoes it and wants to spend that money on the baby...both are such good causes...time to play the lottery...
Originally posted by Morte:
2320 moves the 2300AD setting forward 20 years and converts it to D20/T20 mechanics. What is it that would most make you want to buy this game?
d20 mkes me less likely to buy it, but I'll give it a look and see. I haven't been particularly happy with T20 -- seems way too fiddly (which seems to be the d20-ness of it).

I hope 2320 follows the d20 Modern method of making the character class a 'style' of character, with the skills/career/etc added on top.
2300 has a fantastic setting and an unique system. I like both of them two much to be interested in a different system version.