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Which Traveller GM Screen is the best?

In terms of practicality and wow factor.

I don't care for the tables (unless they're CT, but the Judges Guild screen is an ugly duckling). It should simply work as a barrier and have a good image on the outside.

The GT screen looks good... but is it a three-panel screen (much preferred)? Or two separate ones that you're supposed to glue together (bleh)?
The referee for my current game uses the TNE screen, a Star Trek from FASA screen and the GURPS 4E screen. It's more for barrier purposes than anything else.

The previous referee used something like a three-segment ring-binder with his own tables printed out and slipped in.

I might create my own, with a difficulties table, a ports/encounters table, a weapon range/damage/penetration and armors table and a price list (which may go on the outside for players' reference).
I use my laptop.
Still looking for someone to give me guidance on how to build my own out of plastics so that I could have it tailored to whatever game, I choose to play. I need sizes for a 8 panel screen, recommend thicknesses, material type and a local manuacturer combined with some microhinges should do the rest.
It'd be great to have a FtF group to hide stuff from.

I still have my thirty year old dog-eared homebrew - a sheet of black card with photocopied and typed tables glued to the inside and a strip of red pinstriping tape and the 'approved for use with Traveller' sticker from the wrapper of an early supplement stuck to the outside.

I couldn't cope with a commercial screen - too many house rules. The inside of the thing looks like a used billboard. :)
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I use the Judges Guild, it's best CT I've seen. I used to use it attached to a presentation screen. Recently, a stopped using a screen & loaded the JG screens into a notebook.
I've liked the look of the MT & the T4 screens, though.
Screens I've used

I've used the judges guild ct screen , and found it to be the most practical. The gurps Traveller screen looks like a big vesion of the little black books. Right now I use the T4 screen for the same reason I used the ct screen It has proven so practical that I don't need to refer to the books All the info I need is on the (Referee's side ) of the screen. By far however the prize ,for the prettiest screen goes to T20 but then the artwork was about all I liked about T20. It being My First GM screen , I have a certain amount of affection for the ol' "green monster"