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Which posts/members get your highest rating?


As I page through these boards, I continually go back to a few threads, and also look more closely at the posts of particular members. What about you?
I have given stars to Liam Devlin (for courtly manners) and to LcKedovan (for the T20 ship conversions). As I write this I realize I also need to go and rate Falkayn and Thrash.

My favorite sites at the moment are the Aslan ship conversions (Fleet) (can I hotlink to posts in this?), Falkayn's link to v1.5 of his spreadsheet (that's also in Fleet), and, um, that's it for now.
Well since I like reading the behind the scenes and between the lines I guess I owe it to post my own when someone asks.

I too have a few "favorite" citizens. Names I look for, either because they have a style or quality I'v e come to like or I know they click to topics I may be interested in. Then there are also a couple names I keep an eye out for when I feel in the mood for a good debate. Folk who type their mind and nevermind the heat. I may not always agree but its always interesting and often educational. And then of course there's TJ
Love or hate his posts, and man can he post, though its sometimes hard to hear him for all the noise he's making ;) He's definately a character and has provided many hours of mirth here.

As for stars, well I have had a few shifting criteria. In general if you entertain me long enough you'll get stars. If you give something back to the game here, you get stars. If you annoy me, no surprise here, no stars, but few have annoyed me. I'll usually wait before giving stars till the citizen has at least 50 posts just so I can see what level of contribution they are likely to make, but a few have so impressed me with the quality of their initial posts that I've given stars early as encouragement. Almost always I'll make it 5 stars. I don't award less than the posters current rating as that seems to be regarded as a slap.

The easiest way I've found to bookmark a particular posting is to do a quick search by member in the specific forum and time frame then just bookmark it. Otherwise you can manually edit the url in your browsers address feild to point to the post number you want and then bookmark it.
If a person makes a lasting contribution to Traveller, either through posts here or other Trav-related accomplishments (publication, maintaining a great website, history of valuable posts on JTAS or the TML) I'll give the full 5 stars. I've given 27 people 5 stars to date.

If a person makes consistently valuable/interesting contributions to discussions but doesn't generally provide stuff I can actually steal and use in games I'll give 4 stars (mainly because that's the level I feel I contribute at and I have 4 stars so it only seems fair). I've given 47 people 4 stars.

I've only given 11 people less than 4 stars; 3 stars if I think the person posts too much noise, 2 or 1 stars if the person annoyed or offended me. I'm a little sorry we can't edit our ratings 'cause I've probably low-balled a couple people unfairly (and may have even rated one or two too highly

FWIW I haven't given out any stars recently, so there are probably some new-ish posters I've neglected. When I get a spare moment I may go on a new Ratings Sweep.
To Mythmere:
thank ye sir<bows>

To the question of rating stars, well..Like Mr Foster, and Far trader my criterion are somewhat similiar.

If someone posts something that answers one of my questions (whether i started the post or not); or adds soemthing new to my understanding of "all things Traveller", I tend to give them 5 stars.

There are 93 folks on this forum I have so rated; 17 folks with 4 stars; 1 person with 3 stars.

If such a person does not (a) Impress me ;(b)challenge me to think; or (c) add to my growing hoard of traveller knowledge-understanding (as well as anyone else's readin the replies!),
I tend NOT to rate them at all.

Overall, it seems I might be called rather generous. besides, if I give someone 5 stars, sooner or later they run across someone who rates them lower. It all works out in the end. ;)

Liam jumps off stage, and runs away from podium!
I rate depending on how stimulating I find peoples responses. Those who know me know I like a good debate/argument and if someone can hold up against me I respect them for that and for their beliefs and rate them well. People who just degenerate into silly pathetic balls with "well my ... is better than yours" type of responses lose all respect. For example I disagree with Liam Devlin on a regular basis, hi Liam, but he can put up with me on the other side of an argument so I rated him 5 stars.

Also Traveller knowledge and helpfulness is a key, get good responses and information from people and they also get high ratings.

However one thing I cannot stand is power posters who just post meaningless posts for the sake of getting their socialbility scores up and fill up the boards with nothingness. They get rated lowly.
Thanks Mythmere!

My personal preference is to give people 4-5 stars, although I gave one person 3 stars and then later regretted not giving more :(

Occaisonally I've give 1 star when peoole have really annoyed me. I'd love to be able to re-rate people though ...
Hey Hunter these guys are on to something if it could be done. I'd like to be able to constantly, well occasionally, adjust the ratings I've given out as well. It would make it much fairer, allowing the rating to better reflect the true story. So can it be done? Easily? Of course you probably have more and better things to occupy your valuable time.

Oh and since we're sharing star stats lets see...

I've given one 3-star (that I would love to bump to 5 now), three 4-star (that still seem about right), and twenty 5-star (which also seem still about right), and there are probably about a score I keep forgetting to rank, but none of you here yet

un oh, my goof I did miss one of you, I'll have to correct that shortly as I'm sure its deserved, and I'm looking forward to your shining moment when you earn my stars too Mythmere :D
I'm not high on the whole member rating thing, its too clicky and political for me.

It Ought to be rating by post, rather than rating by member. That would be better, I think, although I don't know if that could be done technically.
Usually I give either three or four stars, unless they've made a great contribution to Traveller, a great contribution to these boards, or I really, really like them - but I tend to go with their current rating and what I think. I rarely give out one or two stars, because if I think that little of them I'd rather not rate them at all.

Many people I haven't rated, mainly because I don't know enough about them.

EDIT (at 9:02 am, 9/14/02) I think that the reason I have only three stars is 'cause I made someone mad, and I'd still like to know who so we can work it out.
For me it's 5 Stars for outstanding members (either by on board contribution, web sites, tools), 4 Stars for great members, 3 Stars for average, 2 Stars if you're beginning to Troll/Flameware, 1 Stars if you're a Professional Troller/Flamer/etc...

Haven't rated many here, I simply take my time to "know" who's behind the name... Unless the member seriously offends me, then I rate more promptly, and more lowly.

I have rated no one and will rate no one in the future. Ever.

I have never maintained a kill file at the TML or any other forum for the same reason; Even the professional trolls and the willfully ignorant sometimes make worthwhile observations.

While I won't rate anyone, you are all more than welcome to rate me. Five or Zero, Ancient or *sshole, it all lets me know if I'm contributing to Our Hobby in any helpful manner.

All that being said, I dislike 'Ditto' posts. It's fine to agree with someone, but do try and add a little something extra to the discussion.

(Not a ditto post):

Yes, Hiyas ben Bell, thank you for the kind words! A spirited debate does measure a poster as well (thank you for covering that point so well, Matter of fact!).
Ben is correct, if its just pathetic My reason is better "just because"..or something lame, well folks, ya gonna haveta try harder. Use yer noggins, and some logic. back yer rgument up with something called facts, figures, the scientific method, etc...
when ya go out on a limb- say so, cuz if yer unsure of yer stuff, there's sharpies like me, and others who ask ya, "so you base this on what?"
And if its egg on yer face then, fess up!

he and I frequently disagree (politics bein the major point), But we HAVE agreed too (this makes five times now, IIRC). ;)

As to "power posting"..
For me, tis never been about the numbers of what i post- but the content. I said it before, I will again. This T20 vehicle is a gamers (Traveller's) dream come true-
where else if ya wanna make an impact write a TA, or an adventure that all of those in Traveller can adapt or use for themselves?
(not to mention the small amount of prestige sayin- "yeah, I'm published.") :D

C-ya guys about the place!
Thanks for all the feedback about various members and the discussion about whether rating members is a worthwhile endeavor! Let me, though, also point out the second part of my question: what are some of the specific posts you have found useful and would direct others to? I mentioned the link to the ship spreadsheet and the aslan ships. Any other really good reference posts out there?
Originally posted by Mythmere:
what are some of the specific posts you have found useful and would direct others to? I mentioned the link to the ship spreadsheet and the aslan ships. Any other really good reference posts out there?
I'd point to almost any of Chris Thrash's posts, especially the ones where he lays out his system for 'demographically sensible' sector mapping. IMO he's a true Traveller MVP and I'd love to see more of his stuff become Official. This thread is a good Thrash primer, with links to several more of his posts.

Several threads in the TNE Forum have been very intriguing and thought provoking IMO, but non-TNE-fans probably wouldn't find them so. Here and here and here are just a few that I found particularly juicy (this is after a very quick sweep of the forum archive, I'm sure I'm missing many more).

And then of course there's the Ultimate COTI Thread :D
I note with a certain wry smile two of those posts were started by yours truley--Mr. Foster I am humbled ye would think so of me to mention them!<bows>.
Truly the gray areas left off by the tumultous end of TNE-GDW left many of us with our thinking caps STILL ON, wondering what came next, then deal with it, cuz our gamers wanted MORE!
Yes Mr MythMere, In all modesty, THESE types of topics are among the ones that live in memory of those who post here.
If I'm not entirely mistaken (and I do make em, trust me :D ) there is a way to see what posts have the most responses. THIS would be a good indicator of some of the hottest debated things here. You may have to go into your profile and reset how far back you wish to see each page (mine is set for 100 days currently), note the author of the topic, and the number of respondents.
there ya go!
(again, Thank you Mr Foster! you have my stars already ser!)