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Where's Far Frontiers Sector?

In the Sky raiders triology it talks about it taking place in this Sector.Where is it in relation to the other sectors.Is it near the Spinward marches?
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The good Commander was particularily succinct wasn't he? Keep that Berka link in your goodies folder, it's a keeper.

The Keith's Sky Raiders trilogy takes place in the Jungleblut Subsector of the Far Frontiers Sector. AFAIK, there is no official data for that sector other than the Jungleblut subsector maps found in the Sky Raiders books. IIRC, Far Frontiers was either a GM's preserve; like the Foreven Sector, or a Landgrant; like Paranoia's Beyond Sector. Another Keiths adventure, Ordeal by Eshaar is set in the Far Frontiers Sector also.

Have fun in the Far Frontiers and be sure to tell us all about it!

Thanks for the link.

For more info about Far Frontiers, take a look at GypsyComets site: http://members.aol.com/gypsycomet/Afachdot.html
Sorry, but there is published info for Far Frontiers Sector. It is strucg out through 7 issuees of Traveller's Chronicle. I have been working on a valid, canonical, realistic copy of the sector for over a year. It is all complete except for the 3 subsectors located in TC #3, which I cannot find. If I ever get a copy, I plan on finishing it and dumping a .SAR onto the Web, but so far, no luck...
(It is my favorite sector...I originally generated a complete version based off GypsyComet's dotmap, but later found out the existing version...There is a yet further non-canon copy of the Sector on the Jtas.Org site, but it doesn't even match up against adjoining sectors...)

oh well...

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The rimward half the sector appeared (stats, maps, and background) in an article in Dragon/Aries magazine some time after FASA stopped doing Traveller. IIFC, it was from one of the writers who had worked on FASA's Traveller line and was the version of that sector that FASA products were based on ... Which I guess makes it official for the time but it may have subsequently been decanonised.
Another great resource (be sure to bookmark this one, too;)) is The Traveller Map.

You can click on the big Classical-Era OTU map in order to zoom it to your desired level of detail:





Mind you: many parts of the map are non-canon, like the Far Frontiers sector (which is the version published over several issues of The Traveller Chronicle), as mentioned by [FONT=arial,helvetica]mad13142000 above.
To quote Johnny Carson: "I did not know that."
I suppose it depends on how canonical you regard the stuff that was published in... Ares was it?... and reprinted in Traveller Chronicle. Since it was, AFAIK, written by the FASA people, we might do them the courtesy of regarding it as at least semicanonical.

Yes it was published in Ares magazine. I have a copy in storage, somewhere. The Traveller Map has UPPs for all the systems, if you zoom down to the 128 pixel scale. If you have the "Sky Raiders" trilogy, you already know about the Descarothe Hegemony and the League of Suns. The Ares article had some background on the other realms, but for the life of me, I don't remember any of it. If you use the Far Frontiers as a setting, you might have more fun making up your own backstories for the existing names and places, like Mithras did here:


Now if only I can find my copy...grrr!
In my Traveller Universe I put Far Frontiers right next to the Spinward Marches. This was in 1981 and I haven't been fagged to move it one sector over. I just swapped Foreven and Far Frontiers around. Works for me. It is MTU after all :)