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Where are the leaders of today the Day after Tomorrow


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I was wondering if anyone has played with real life political leaders in their Twilight world and what are their fates.

Bush Jr, would probably have been saved as he was not doing anything at the time of the war save rallying troops against the Mexican invasion.

Clinton, would have divorced Hilary and just gone on pork barrelling in Little Rock.

Pirot would have leading the charge of a citizen milita as the Alamo falls a second time.

Nader would be in one of those ecotopias that I mentioned in an earlier post.
It'd probably be more accurate to say that Bush Jr was listening to little girls reading stories about goats when the first bombs dropped... :D
I did not mean to turn this thread into a comic thread (although, I kinda set it up that way). But, as the All the Presidents men would not have been in DC. Do they side with Civgov or do some of them like Bush Sr go over to Milgov.

We know in the UK that Charles becomes King. What of the other European countries? France is making the steady drift from Republic into Empire. Would some sort of European Federation (encompassing East & West) try to make an attempt at making a viable EU amongst the destruction wrought down by the Superpowers. A kinda END zone.
Never bothered with inserting real world figures, as doing so came dangerously close to introducing the potential for have real world political arguments infiltrate into the campaign, and that's not fun for anyone.