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When will the Pre-Orders be shipping?

The shipment to the quiklink bunkers did not arrive yesterday like it was supposed too. I think this was because of the "holiday". So, as soon as the books arrive, the processing of pre-order will begin!!!

That is about all the information we can give at this time. The books are in transit.

The reason for the delay for the pre-orders is that the books were shipped to distributors from the printer. That was to alleviate double shiping costs etc.

The book should be arriving in stores all over this week! If you need a fix try and spot one. But your pre-orders WILL be shipped ASAP when the books arrive at the quiklink bunkers.

We do appreciate your patience on this! WE want you to get your books too.

The Man Behind the Curtain
Thanks for the Info Bruce. To be honest my biggest curiosity was wondering if they had gotten to you guys yet so you could even start.

I look forward to seeing the book when it arrives.
Well, according to my copy of the pre-order form (I always print duplicate for my own record), The shipping method I've chosen is Domestic Priority Mail (2-3 days).
Same here, but I'm wondering if the port backup on the west coast has anything to do with the delay? Post office told me that shipping priority a package yesterday would take about a month to get through the bottleneck over there.

Isn't Priority Mail the same as First-Class Mail, meaning they both shipped by air?

I don't know if the delay on the West Coast docks is affecting air shipment. One could assume that perishable goods are now being shipped by air if it cannot reach here by barge, even if it is in refrigerated containers.

BTW, I'm getting antsy. I want my book before the weekend.
I hate to ask - seemimgly everyone has - but what is the status on the pre-ordered D20 THBs? When can I expect the arrival of the book to my door?

Thank You