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When is it over?


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How do you know when it is over?

At what point do you just say, “We need to retire these characters they are done.”
When they wipe the spray of blood from their battledress visor, lift the crown from Lucan's broken body and place it upon <insert fellow character's name here>.

"The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor!"
Originally posted by Border Reiver:
When they wipe the spray of blood from their battledress visor, lift the crown from Lucan's broken body and place it upon <insert fellow character's name here>.

"The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor!"
Dude, you took the words right out of my mouth!
When the board of directors of <insert character's name> LIC vote to prevent them from gallivanting half way round the galaxy as the insurance costs are too high and it may affect the share price.
When a little very wizened old chirper steps in front of them and says
"It is time for you to stop messing up my plans. Welcome to your new pocket universe and goodby"
Grandfather then steps through the portal, closing it permanently.
When they are sealed into a doorless prison unit and fed for the rest of their lives by a telepathic jailer.
When the players suddenly realise that the Ancient's Final War was started by Grandfather to keep his children from using wormhole-style time travel against him.
Our group created a novel way to breathe new life into flagging campaigns...and that was by taking a break and moving the action to a different time period.
We've got an incredible genealogical chart tracking characters and their ancesters from the Twilight War on Terra through TNE.
We also decided to "hand everyone's character to the right" when we changed generations. Since everyone had played with everyone else before, they could breathe new life into the family line by acting like independent children...especially if you got to handle the next generation of a player that drove you up the wall.

Our "first" generation ended with an extended campaign based on The Traveller Adventure, our second had the players beyond the Imperium in MT, our third returned to charted space in TNE.
When T2K was released, we decided to play our own ancestors and re-write T2300 as pre-vilani-contact terran history.
In essence, our characters never really "retire"...they just take extended vacations while we galavant around in another time period.
Well, I ask because they just took over an Imperial border world. Months of planning, by the book recruiting, gaining a knighthood building their “fleet” and acquiring the right allies. The count’s domain was only two dusty and low population worlds. I told them that killing the count does not make them counts. They said that is fine and promptly set another person on the seat. They propose to “make their mark” behind the scene and let the chump take the fall while they run off with the goods. It was well orchestrated but now we move into the realm of small units instead of individual characters. Thank god MT has rules for that as next time we play the emperor may be assassinated. That will give them something to chew on.

They just reached that point, it was either graduate to the next level of power or kill them off. Looks like they are on the way up. Can’t wait to see were it ends.
Are they the only group that had their eye on that planet? Could an organized crime boss also have had his eye on such an easy to take over world? Now that they have the world in the palm of their hands, make them sweat to hold on to it like a greased pig.
Yeah, that is a good idea. The place was a real backwater, just a mining camp really but a “planet” is such a big place. Lots of real estate there.
I get it…
The coup is easy, holding on is hard.
They say, be careful what you ask for. Now that they have it, let them REALLY see the headaches of being in charge. Petitioners asking for improvements, riots, raids, psionic activity and others plotting to replace them. All this and more is waiting for them.

Is the party splitting up since there are two planets? If they stay on one planet, concentrate stuff on the other planet. Whittle down their resources, etc.
Naw, the other planet is under local rule as per most TUs. When they go there they will find the locals un willing to accept their rule and armed.

Back story is that the “count” was an obnoxious son of the nobility that needed to be gotten out of the way. Now that he is gone the old guard will be a little upset that he is dead but nobody will really miss the guy.

Since the PCs just got knighted (Service to another count and in a roundabout way a member of the sector duke’s privy council which included the exchange of some juicy and valuable gossip for minor titles with no land.) and had some cash a few MCr from the sale of a Tureka container ship (that is going to become another issue altogether) they hired some mercs from the 41st and took over the planet.

The planet: Gulchlmer (Gulch)

A desert world with about 8-10,000 people living on it.
Standard atmosphere
Non Ind, Non-Ag, De
Main and only export Uranium ore.
Hmm. I like the ideas so far. Also, the PCs pet count should be developing an independent streak.

Let's say that crazy old prospector comes back from his latest foray into the desert with a lifter full of lanthanum(or was it tantalum?). Now Delgado and Sternmetall are taking an interest in your formerly worthless little dustball, and the count, the mobster, and your PCs are suddenly pawns in the hands of a corporate power-struggle. Both companies have operatives just as bright as the PCs, but with much larger expense accounts. The best idea for the PCs is to side with one of the megacorps; of course then they have the other corp and the mobster, probably working with their "tame" count, trying to take them down. The corp they side with may let them skim some valuta off the top, but if they want to use any corp resources to maintain their status they'll have to play the office politics game. Let's not forget about the imperial inquisitor who suddenly sees a reason to look into the legitimacy of your PCs pet count.

Finally, to make things a little less simple and boring, perhaps another group of uranium prospectors found a little cache of Ancient artifacts. The only functional artifact was a container filled with nanassemblers programmed to disassemble the surface of Gulchimer and create a garden planet. They've been absorbing cosmic rays for a long time so they aren't too fast or efficient, fortunately. Unfortunately, our prospectors broke open the container, hoping to find something valuable inside. The world isn't doomed... yet... but the miners all die about a week after they return to the settlement. And make contact with just about everybody. Now your PCs own a plague-world. Yay.

That last idea has the makings of a Halloween scenario I'm working on. All those human brains might prove useful to the terraformers...
This is one of those dicey questions. For players raised in D&D, they find it very hard to accept character death. For those who are mature role players, death is part of the cycle of rebirth. Traveller with its capacity for pseudo-science ie. cloning can possibly mean a prolonging of a character indefinitely minus some memories.

As a Ref from the school of hard knocks, I do believe in character death but never a TPK, however, I do really resent when characters are not able to act within a storyline and try stupid munchkin heroics as in a level based game that seems to compell people to only think of their character sheet stats rather than how something might be accomplished in the real world (which is what I model my Traveller games after).
Originally posted by Kurega Gikur:
How do you know when it is over?

At what point do you just say, “We need to retire these characters they are done.”
A totally serious answer, Kurega?

I think when you as the GM has to ask that question, it's really time to retire the characters.

Players are like kids - petulant kids. They always want more, but if the GM isn't having fun running the characters anymore, and there's really nothing left for them to do which challenges them, I think it's time to move on to new challenges - with new characters.