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What's Up With Twilight 2000 3?

I remember faintly there was going to be a third edition, done by a third-party small publisher. Will that ever come to pass? Do we have details? System? (d20? shudder) Modified setting? Anything?

See, I'm getting the T2K itch. Most people seem to think the more history has proven T2K wrong the less fun it is to play. To me, it's just the opposite.

T2K is now a really solid alt-history setting. Among other things that means we don't need to get worked up any more about any of its claims to accuracy and contemporariness, from geopolitics all the way to gun ballistics and the latest special ops gadgets.

From reading the blog one gets the impression it's actually going to happen. That's great, I thought it was vaporware.

I rummaged through the forums a bit and found this:

Here's a mechanics teaser.

The core system will use three sizes of dice.

The first size will be used for all task resolution. The other two sizes will be used for certain aspects of combat, as well as random number generation on various tables. You will need two to six of each of these sizes. Big handfuls of dice will be clattering across the table at regular intervals.

The core system does not have a "D" in its name.
It does seem to have a "d" as in "dicepool" in it... meh...
I have no issues with its history as I play 2300AD its considered back history and so valid.
And as its an alternative timeline anyway theres no problems.
And lets hope its using D30's it will give me a reason to use mine then ;)
Anecdote has it (and I never did check) that Lou Zocchi of Gamescience invented the d30 because, uh, he could. It then occurred to him that, given no game had random d30 tables, its use and hence retail value was nil. Therefore, he proceeded to invent said tables to go with the d30. The rest is history.