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What Would You Like To See Made for Traveller?

What would people like to see for Traveller? Either as a published piece that must be paid for or as a free download? What kinds of material helps in your games the most?
I'd love to see a lot more information available about specific companies / megacorps that was heavily detailed; Prominent NPCs, subdivisions, covert operations, Net/Gross proftis or losses, etc. I love that crap, and love ensnariing my players in it...

Expanded equipment lists (Specifically for T20). I'd really like to see stats for alternate energy sources (Solar, Wind, Hydro), super high tech stuff (17+), personal/millitary weapons.

Those would be my big dreams, I guess.
Two things:

1) I would really like FFE to finish their print Classic Traveller Reprints. Marc seems to have stopped two books short of completing the GDW series, and has dropped the Gamelords/FASA reprints idea. I really want those books.

2) To see a slow trickle of Traveller products on store shelves. Sure PDF is nice and all, but if you don't have any shelf space, you don't have any real presence.
Personally, I would prefer more generic source material (detailed planetary info like atmospheres, planet types, hydrographics, et al - as well as technical info like starship examples and equipment - TNE if poss.) than highly detailed, specific histories and adventures (my opinion, but I've charted a different course since GDW went out and I'm not likely to change it). I have no problem with the specifics but find the general suppliments much more useful to MTU.

Format - prefer pdf. Sadly, books have become rather expensive, often prohibitively so.
I agree with Hydrozoa, I would prefer generic stuff.

On the tech side, I would LOVE to see different TL versions of the same item. Starships, vehicles, weapons, gadgets. I would like them to tell me what the difference is between a TL 11 Holovid set and a TL 12 Holovid set; or the difference between a TL 12 ACR and a TL 13 ACR.

But, my vote doesn't count because I don't run/play anymore. (I keep hoping though)...
Originally posted by Plankowner:

But, my vote doesn't count because I don't run/play anymore. (I keep hoping though)...
As far as I'm concerned, everyone's vote counts on this. The only way to not be counted is to not post.
All of the above, generic and specific.

ideas for criminal/terrorist organisations, detailed and sparse

some merc companies, corp security, or noble retainer units detailed

Floor plans for...

sections of startown
frontier base
industrial area
train(?) station
hi tech office
future mansion
loading docks
fuel station
I agree with the criminal/terrorist/merc/corp security sourcebooks. Lot's of material for adventure.

Adventure modules (single or multiple).

I know licensing would be an issue, but conversions of other popular sci-fi universes. ("Firefly" anyone?)

More complete Sector Campaign Guides, like "Gateway to Destiny".

PDF or Print.

SOCOM, out!
Originally posted by daryen:
I would really like FFE to finish their print Classic Traveller Reprints. Marc seems to have stopped two books short of completing the GDW series, and has dropped the Gamelords/FASA reprints idea. I really want those books.
Me too!
online, downloadable libary data for OTU like official maps of worlds that have been part of canon, timelines of when specific events have happened. Tas news bulletins, etc. Some place I can down load everything that has to do with say Regina subsector for a buck as long as I don't sell it.
User-friendly map generation software. Something that is easy to use, simple to figure out, and can allow you to print off the object of your work as well as saving it in some format (.pdf) to be uploaded onto the net. There should be two options: the randomiser, and the place-what-you-want-where-you-want option.

I know I can roll dice like a million times on a blank subsector map. I just don't want to. On the other hand that may be cheaper than buying software...

Other things include short stories that are designed to give you a feel for the setting. And by short I mean short short. If it were film they would be a trailer to a movie (your campaign). The audience (your players) gets a good idea of what to expect, their fancy is tickled, and so are prepared for the main event.

Aside from that... maybe an artbook, or comic book. Some visuals to go with the setting.
Originally posted by stofsk:
User-friendly map generation software.
Do you mean sector/subsector maps? If so, I think having a free, web-based tool is within reach. A number of people have approached the problem from different angles. The results in each case have always been useable, and have often been visually quite appealing.
a good CT-Archive CD-rom...
T5 rules based upon MT except for craft design, which should be stolen from T20... (hey, I'm allowed to dream!)
I would love to see a Third Imperium Sourcebook. A single volume (it can be large, I don't mind) that contains the main setting information for players with information on how the Imperium works, history and all that. I feel that Traveller desparately needs such a work to continue to draw in new players as otherwise finding the setting and background information is nigh on impossible. Even those of us with nearly a complete set of Traveller have trouble finding specific information as it's spread all over 25+ years of books here and there.
Depends...on which site.

For free...

On the Far Future site, I would have The Traveller Book & The Traveller Adventure in PDF.

On the SJG site, an updated conversions page that would include conversions into T20.

On this site, lots of freebies already but whatever does not seem to be selling well, do I hazard to guess...Yiarn Caardee Vehicle Catalog, as many people bought the original TA.

At cost...

On the FFE site, a Third Imperium Sourcebook told from the perspective of the Far, Far, Far Future vantage. That way very vague and can contain details upto and beyond 1248 and going back to the Ancients. Dead tree & PDF

On the SJG site, a compilation and re-editing of all the 3rd Editon rulebooks edited into a single book. Taking the best, descarding the rest and leaving what is in IW+G:S to stand as the primary documents, this would also entail stripping down the cover art and just having the original paintings/renderings without text.

On this site, a Players Handbook which would dumb down the T20 rules with all of Bryan's left over art.
At cost: New Sector books, either for GT or T20. I was very disappointed when SJG decided not to publish the Trojan Reaches book. I was really looking forward to that one.

Alien Ship book for T20 - I'd like to see "official" stats in T20 for all of the various ships from the CT Alien Modules. I know the vast majority if not all of them are in the GT Alien books but I'd love to see the official stats for the ships in the CT Alien mods.
1.A "generic" rules system independent of setting. TNE did something like that with the technology for FF&S, the rules (I like MT and TNE rules the most) itself should be a snap.

2.Rewrite the all the tech for what is current in actual known now in science. The flavor can still be '70s CT, but not when it conflicts with current info.

3.Ditto for the world generation system.

4.Make 3D maps the standard.
1) Modular layouts for decks, buildings, streets, and small towns. Each piece usable with the dominant scale for Traveller miniatures.

2) 1001 Characters. Each character listed would included a record of which term what skill or improvement was obtained. Also included would be the UPP of his/her/its homeworld, a different section for each of the major races, and what other race the UPP/UWP would directly convert to.

3) Bluejacket's Handbook for Traveller. What if a group of Traveller characters were still in the service? The BHT would give a more-or-less detailed description of what life is like in the Imperial Navy, with separate sections for E1 to E3 (nonrates), E4 to E6 (Petty Officers), E7 to E9 (Chief Petty Officers), O1 to O3 (Junior Officers), O4 to O6 (Senior Officers), and O7+ (Flag Officers). Also included would be the duties and responsibilities of the different professional ratings (BM, ET, GM, MM, PN, et cetera). A similar treatment for the rest of the services, including sub-classes of the infamous "Other" service.
What size would be good for one of the map modules? I was thinking something along the lines of 2x2 segments, based on stateroom size, and a run of stock corridor pieces. I would also like to see "typical" dwellings made for each race.