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What is a BAB?

Ah, not sure it is defined anywhere in T20 so it might be part of why you need a D20 book. If not
well it stands for Base Attack Bonus and its how much better than zero your to hit is.
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In the T20 manual, page 25, it mentions that male Aslan's have a plus 1 BAB.

What's a BAB?
BAB = Base Attack Bonus listed in text on p. 148, column 2, under Combat Statisitics.
Originally posted by Cphonxs:
No problem and you're welcome. You'll usually get a quick reply so if you can't find the answer in the book or after a quick search of the board just ask. And welcome aboard.

One more point - you have to remember that a BAB is purely the number that you get by adding together the + "to hit" numbers from your classes - it doesn't include (for example) plusses from Dexterity (or Strength in D&D) etc. This is important because:

1/ You get an extra attack per round whenever your BAB exceeds a multiple of 5 i.e. at +6 you get two attacks, one at BAB +6 and one at BAB +1, at +11 you get three, at +11, +6 and +1 etc.
You add your other bonuses onto these numbers.

2/ Prestige classes will often have a prerequisite of BAB +n. e.g. Big Game Hunter has a requirement of BAB +5, so you won't be able to get into the prestige class until you're at least 5th level, even if your DEX is 20...