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What I did on my holidays

Andrew Boulton

The Adminator
Basically, wished I'd stayed at home.

Picked up a nasty UTI, closely followed by a different bug. I'm basicly hors de combat, so be gentle with me for a while.
Sorry to hear that Andrew. I'm fighting a crappy sinus infection myself. Can't seem to shake it. I'm on 4th week of antibiotics. I hate winter. It sucks, when I finally get fed up and decide to move away from Chicago, spring gets here. What's UTI stand for (I'm assuming it's some kind of virus)?

Hope you feel better,

"What's UTI stand for"

Urinary tract infection (bet you wished you hadn't asked). Unlike the one I had a few years ago (which involved pissing blood that felt like it was full of red-hot razor blades), this one stopped me going at all. Of course, it waited until I'd tried to flush it out by drinking about 5 pints of water before springing that little surprise on me...
Ouch! I can't even imagine what that feels like. Yeah, I wish I hadn't asked.

I sure hope you feel better. And thanks Colonel.

I can trump that but I'd hate to ruin your misery with even more depressing thoughts. Hope you soon feel much better.
All I did was lose somewhere in my house [oh god please make it be somewhere in my house] my notebook of plans for a campaign I'm running....two and a half weeks of hard plotting shot to hell in a moment of absentminded idiocy :( "Arrrrrgh!"
Originally posted by selunatic2397:
All I did was lose somewhere in my house...
"Oh Emperor! Please don't let it be gremlins."

Seriously I feel for you and hope you find your notes.

And no I don't mean those cute little Instant Graemlins here, I mean the mischievous cousins that have plagued me as much as entertained me for many years. No, really, it's either believe in them or admit I'm insane

My best (worse?) case for it was a day I was working on some assignment, Physics I think. Anyway I needed to rest my eyes and stretch my back so I put down my stuff, closed my eyes and stretched back in my chair for a few seconds. Refreshed I reached for my pen and it was gone. Figured it had just rolled under one of the many papers or books piled on the desk so I looked. No luck, maybe the floor (but I'd have heard that), nope not there. Must be on the desk, thorough search, nothing! Must have missed it. Systematic removal and replacement of everything on the desk, not there! Impossible! About going crazy by now, and beyond the point of just getting another pen :rolleyes: Search of whole room, at least I was getting a good break from study, some 15 minutes, but still no pen! I give up, and sit down to cool off, and there on top of the stuff on the desk, the pen. For years before that and since I've had similar experiences. Items wandering off to reappear somewhere I don't recall leaving them, and nobody admitting to moving them, but this time threw me totally. I was alone in the house. I was alone in the room. I did not leave the room the whole time. I prefer to think it was gremlins though I suppose I could have dreamed the whole thing after falling asleep at the desk. That can comfort those who need rational explanations. Just know that I don't, ever, nod off.

Anyway, welcome to my little corner of the twilight zone :( I hope my little story, true I swear, entertained more than worried anyone

Oh, and the rest of you suffering various ills, I wish you speedy recovery. All I got was a miserable virus over the holidays, Vegan Cold or something, nasty, not sure which friend is responsible but a couple of them had symptoms. I think it's run it's course but I'm still wiped out.
I'm feeling marginally more alive today. I'll spare you the gorey details of my trip to hospital...

"All I did was lose...my notebook of plans"

Coulda been worse. Coulda been The Ultimate Horror:

Error reading drive C:
What a way to go. Hopefully these ailments will pay off in spades of goodness, but who knows? Feel better, and find those notes!
I Usually find whatever I am looking for in one of Five places. 1) The Bathroom. 2) The Bedroom. 3) My Work Bag. 4) My Car and 5)The Last Place I look (LOL) Good Hunting.
Had many relatives at my Dad's house. We played Star Munchkin. I got the expansion Star Munchkins 2: The Clown Wars.

Not exactly Traveller, but good. :D
Originally posted by cweiskircher:
I Usually find whatever I am looking for in one of Five places. 1) The Bathroom. 2) The Bedroom. 3) My Work Bag. 4) My Car and 5)The Last Place I look (LOL) Good Hunting.
Thanks for the ideas...Number 2,3, and 5 are looking promising. Oh well at least i get to give my bedroom a thorough cleaning...maybe on thursday... :D
Fack. Feck. Fick. Fock. And the other one.

The infection is back.

Pain, blood, pain, and, oh yes, more pain. The kind of pain where you start off saying "ow", then you pass through your entire vocabulary of swear words (including a few new ones you've just made up), and finally you're reduced to making little squeaky animal noises.
Sliding home from work, dead to world...

What I did on the holidays-- Worked. On Christmas Day and New Years. :mad: Oh well, the pay check will keep the medical insurance folks happy. :rolleyes:

Andrew Boulton painfully screams:
Fack. Feck. Fick. Fock. And the other one.

The infection is back.
I feel for you brother. Better check with your medics and make sure your not having a kidney stone. They give you really good pain, if your a masachist.

I've had kidney infections, kidney stones, and brain tumors. I'll take the brain tumor over the kidney pain any day of the week. Mr Andrew, if you survive this, YOU WILL SURVIVE ANYTHING.

Now I shall crawl off to bed. Sleepy sleepy sleepy...
I'm gonna be singing "I Will Survive" all day now! :)

Pretty sure it's not a kidney stone. The pain is...ahem...slightly lower down...

"I've had...brain tumors."

Hmm...does kinda put my problems into perspective.