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What ever happened to Sleight of hand?

Pick-pocketing is rather less common in Traveller than in other genres, though there is no reason why you can't add a Sleight of Hand skill (or if you wanna be posh, call it Prestidigitation..
) and allow appropriate characters to take it (likely Rogues and maybe Travellers).

Quite..plus in d20 modern etc its the skill you use for smuggling items into nightclubs etc..highly useful i'd have thought!
My characters are alwyas tryin to slip sommut past security!!
Interesting question there - the THB suggests that the "hide" skill might be the one. Read the description of the rogue's smuggle feat.
My PC / NPC Asu being streetwise circus / carney / faire folk often makes coins and such appear and disappear and has pickpocketed a few times.

At the time I didn't noticed the implication of the Hide skill etc. and she has a high Dex anyway. She also has the fest Professional Specialty - Juggling and Entertain/ Juggling - 6
which ties into this.

So far it's come in handy as distractions, entertainment, and such. As Asu would say, "Yu-chun, fay fay d’pian." (Silly, you saw it wrong.) While showing empty palms.
/me innocent look

:cool: ;)