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What do you think about a free T20/CT amateur fanzine?


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The concept of a free Traveller T20/Classic Traveller PDF-based fanzine/netzine has been proposed a number of times in the past, as the links below suggest:

Mythmere Tango Two Zero

Spinward Ho!

Unfortunately, due to Real Life (tm) concerns, neither one of these stalwart endeavours has come to fruition. It seems that while there's always interest in the community, it's hard to actually take this kind of project to the final stages, and release an actual product.

Mind you, this isn't saying anything bad about the originators of these concepts. I believe it's a lot of work to get one of these things done. Whoever does something like this is probably taking on a lot of responsibility, and that can backfire if the direction of one's life should suddenly change.

So, the question I'd like to pose here is simple: Would such an effort be worth it? Do you think something like this would be appreciated or enjoyed, even if it's produced on an obviously amateur level?

What are your thoughts?


BTW, in case you can't guess, I'm looking at doing this very thing, and already have some work complete in that direction. I just want to see if it's going to be worth it in the long run, since the only reward contributors would likely get would be the admiration and appreciation of their peers. Just testing the waters, so to speak...
I do like and collect many traveller books and things. I believe I would enjoy reading this fanzine and pehaps sharing a few thoughts on various topics in it.

I give the idea a thumbs up.
A very good point - when it's free, only one's sense of volunteerism will keep it going, and if real life concerns come up... Challenge used to be a really great mag. I have quite a few. Now if we could just get someone to promote a magazine for all versions of Traveller, I have a feeling that it would go far. One that could possibly get the rights to reprint any and all articles ever written about Traveller for other magazines.

Or, you could just hold onto those ideas, and sell them for a buck or two apiece with the limited license Hunter has proposed.

I have other plans for that limited license. ;)

Besides, the fanzine is set in the OTU, and so it can't be covered by the limited license concept.

Hope this helps,
Very well done. :D
Well laid out and full of useful information.
Reminds me of how some other fanzines used to be before they went commercial. :D :cool:

Perhaps there is a typo on page 18 but the first paragraph says they were looking for a J-3 design.

The design shown is J-2. :confused:
It is a typo... I'll have to post a corrected version soon, but I'll wait a little bit to see if there's any other feedback on errata before I go in and recreate the PDF.

Thanks, Chuck,