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What are Chadwick and Harshman up to?

I have heard some rumors about Frank being working in the computer business these days. I have no idea if it's true.

I think people that have talked to him have mentioned that he didn't sound like he would be gack to game designing soon.
Originally posted by saulweaver:
Still in the gaming industry, or did they finally have to get real jobs?
Well for FC at least there are new editions of Volley & Bayonet (multi-period miniature rules) and Soldiers Companion (originally from Space 1889) in the works. The new SC won't have any Martians, Steampunk Vehicles, Zappo-Rays, etc. though. :( The SC 2nd edtion may be more the work of someone else than just a FC work. I think he was also the main author for Command Decision which had a 3rd edition not that long ago. (3 years or so?)

There were also some excellent sourcebooks for V&B in the past few years. Don't like the system myself (too many situational rules IMO but this is a common dislike of most of his rules sets) but the sourcebooks are nice. Been eyeing the Jacobite one.

I think he was doing some new rules for Foundry but it doesn't look like they're out yet. There was a playtest draft on the net. (don't have the site handy)

He still shows up at Origins etc. every other year or so. 54mm games and talks.

Casey, Piquet Heretic (been a while since I looked at other rules)
OK, then Frank hasn't left gaming totally.

Maybe he'll return to designing some new wargames then...

He did some really good ones.