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What a bunch of punks...

Anyone else annoyed that Fox decided to hold the airing of the Firefly pilot until they cancelled the show?

Anyone else annoyed that Fox didn't really put any effort into the advertising or marketing of Firefly?

Anyone else annoyed that Fox is obviously playing down to the lowest common denominator by airing that merde (pardon my French) about "deep undercover cops" working for that stellar acting talent Tiffany Amber-whatshername?

What a bunch of punks...
I am... but what are you going to do about it? As much as I liked Firefly, I'm not sure any amount of advirtising or rescheduling could have saved it. We sci-fi fans might as well face facts: The public, as a whole, doesn't like sci-fi.

Sad, but true.
It's a dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb world. Trust me. Check out my neighbors. I'm surrounded.

Why you lookin' at me that way? :confused:
The fact that Fox (one network among many) canceled Firefly doesn't mean that the show is dead-dead. Other shows have switched networks and survived - and prospered.

Firefly fans can visit http://fireflysupport.com to see how they can help keep this truly promising, Traveller-like, show going (name one show closer to the Traveller PC experience in spirit... B5 had the high-level stuff down pat, and I love it for it, but Firefly shows the PC-level experiences). If you'd like to see Firefly continue, you can let UPN/CBS (the source most likely to pick it up) know. See http://fireflysupport.com for info on how to help. I've sent in my postcards and filled out the on-line survey - how about you?

So, if you like this show, please don't just helplessly wring your hands in despair: there's work to be done! With some viewer effort we can keep Firefly alive. As heartfelt as it is, lamenting this great show on this board means nothing - it's only by letting potential broadcasters know how we feel that we can keep it airing.

All you Travellers who're disappointed/pissed-off at the idea of Firefly's cancellation by Fox, please take positive action through http://fireflysupport.com to make a real difference in her being picked up by another network rather than just venting here. I give you serious thanks.

You can't take the sky from us,
Originally posted by Frank Lee Scarlett:
It's a dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb world. Trust me. Check out my neighbors. I'm surrounded.

Why you lookin' at me that way? :confused:
Yeah, but don't dig yourself in and arm up yourself. It's what THEY do.
of course I'm annoyed with the cancellation of firefly. It really was a breath of fresh air as far as TV was concerned. I think that the big proble was the majority of TV viewers just didn't get the whole thing.

They probably would have been more accepting if the show had less of a western flair and some aliens. That would have been too bad, cuz I think the producers had it right.
Sadly, I am not annoyed, but wearily unsurprised.

Fox has had a long history of orphaning shows on the 8pm Friday slot. They do this by not advertising them well and, most importantly, NOT airing them in sequence so that the general audience has no hope of "getting it". Could you enjoy a story with the chapters presented in random order? Not likely. The general public has no patience for this and Fox knows it.

Here is list of their past victims of this exact same stunt: VR5, M.A.N.T.I.S., Brimstone, Strange Luck, Harsh Realm. (Not all great shows, but all sufferers of the same fate.) It even very nearly did in X-Files, but Fox wanted to keep that so they quickly moved it back to Sundays where it stayed till the end.

As to WHY Fox does this (buys a genre show, then kills it by neglect) is beyond me. All I know is that the pattern is persistent; so I was expecting what happened to Firefly &, sadly, I was not disappointed. Maybe it gives Rupert Murdock some strange jollies, maybe it's a tax dodge, I don't know...

Fox just can't get it through their collective thick skulls that shows will simply not pull the kind of ratings they want on Fridays & thus scale their expectations down to something within the ballpark of reality. Frankly, I credit what success Fox has enjoyed to sheer dumb luck. They are not the innovators & geniuses they're made out to be.

May that crappy cop show be shuffled off as quickly to its demise!

But the show is not dead-dead - it could still be picked up by UPN or WB, or even the Sci-Fi Channel.

But, yes, what a bunch of punks, indeed!