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Ways to spread the fun


Who has ideas of how to spread the fon and bring in more players. I have done everything from kidnapping poor little unsuspecting fantasy RPGers to holding public demos on military bases. Suprising what intrest a starship battle on a gym floor can do.

In the end, Murphy will rule
I do miss having spell check. It can keep a person from looking like an illiterate chump.
You can always post an 'ad' online announcing the game and city where it will be played. I've managed to hook up with a gaming group in the past in this way. It's a little unusual, meeting with total strangers to play an RPG, but the guys I hooked up with were actually pretty cool.

I've gone back to my original group, but since they weren't interested in the game that I was trying to play at the time (the Marvel Super Heroes RPG), it was the only way to get a taste of that game.

So many ways to do it with the Internet at your disposal! :D