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Vilani-Imperial-Solomani Date Converter?


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Just like the title says. Has anyone seen an applet/program that easily converts the dates between Imperial Timeline, Vilani Timeline, and Solomani Timeline?

Here is an example. I go on the Internet. I see tons of little Fahrenheit to Celsius Converters. I input "98" Fanhrenheit, and I get "36.6" Celsius in return.

Sooooo..... if I had the date of -2259 Imperial, I'd love to quickly know what that equates to in Terran AD.
-2259 Imperial? That should be Terran year 2259AD.

Going by the chart in MT Imperial Encyclopedia and using year Zero and year 50 Imperial as a reference:

Imperial to Solomani you just add 4518
Solomani to Imperial you subtract 4518

Vilani looks to be about .78 Imperial/Solomani years

Aslan is about 1.14 Imp/Sol years

K'Kree is about .84 Imp/Sol years

Zhodani is about .44 Imp/Sol years

Imperial Year Zero corresponds to:
Aslan year: 2,376
K'Kree year: 6,788
Vilani year: 3,084
Zhodani year: 2979.3

Funny that there's no Hiver dating...

Hope that helped,

I've got an OpenOffice spreadsheet in many calendars based one the calendar in the MT Imperial Encyclopedia and online calendars. It's a good way of converting between the dates, you work out the relative differences and calculate from there. It calculates the other dates from the Imperial calendar. The only calendar I've not got entirely correct is the Zhodani, the Olympiads complicate matters (everything is .1 on the calculated dates).
Well, the YI is 365 days
The Terran Calendar year is 365.24 days. (24 extra days per century).

365/24=15 1/8... so every 1512.5 years it's a year gain of the imperial over the Terran.