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Verge Sector

I need to understand which systems are under Imperium control at the start of 1116 (all of them in Verge, I think, at least on paper), which are under Dulinor's control after he assassinates Strephon (yeah, that timeline), and which break free as part of the Verge Combine and when and why.

We know that he suborned the Ilelish Guard some time before 1116, in order to have them support his actions at Capital. That suggests some quiet political officer work in Domain branches of the Imperial Army in addition to the Navy and Marines. That had to have been going on for at least a Term, and almost certainly longer to properly groom Navy Intelligence and High Command. Just the existence of the Verge Combine suggests that he didn't recruit the Verge nobility very effectively.

Technically, everything is still under "Imperial" control as 1116 begins. Dulinor could have courted the personal loyalty of the Suerrat in Ilelish quite openly as Archduke, and they make up a considerable part of his economic and industrial power. Worlds in Verge with significant Suerrat populations, found mostly along the trailing edge of subsectors D, H, and maybe L, are more likely to see Dulinor's actions favorably, but I suspect the sleepy backwater nature of the sector caused him to discount it for the most part.

"They are a tiny fraction of this Domain, pinned against the Rift. Verge will fall in line."

Dulinor seems most likely to have worked on loyalty assurances from the worlds Dlan shares a Main with, which does get into Verge.

EDIT: The Rebellion Era information on the Verge Combine and its rebellion within a rebellion comes largely from Survival Margin (with a touch of interpretation). The worlds mentioned by name as participating are Turin as the "political center" of the Combine, Tripolis, and Tiawan. The setup strongly suggests that the sector went along with Dulinor from 1116 to 1122, when it had enough and declared the Combine.
Those three worlds are spread out across three different subsectors, and two of them are Ducal seats. The third Ducal Seat is within the triangle of the three identified worlds. You can easily justify those three subsectors being part of the Combine.
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Subsector G - Biika Subsector
A true backwater, with a majority of its worlds overseen solely by resident Knights. Much of this subsector was not part of the Ziru Sirka, and adoption into the Rule of Man was slow. With the travel restrictions of the Vilani removed, this subsector did slowly attract settlement into the early Long Night, but would eventually retreat toward a few successful worlds.

Duchess Nephra Zealant (of Noargan) is, as the saying goes, "Old Money". Out here, on rift's edge, that accounts for little, and her career has been long and, from the point of view of a Ducal station, disappointing. As 1116 opens, she is looking toward retirement in 1117 to allow her daughter (Isabina Zealant-Kaagaal) to take over. Duchess Nephra is a firm and exhaustive planner and negotiator, and those who have "participated" in Isabina's job training say she is a chip off the old block.
Count Chadrick bin-Sirim (of Sirim) is a rarity in Verge, having risen to his Imperial station from a non-Noble family affiliated with the governance of Sirim. Ambitious, if not quite graspingly so, he sees potential in the worlds in his care that, in his mind, has previously been missed. His connections at home allow him to tap into a strong economic base, and he has many plans.
Viscount Hoshi Philips-Yatramura (of Ningshia) is the third ranking Imperial noble in the subsector. Very proper and concerned with protocol, he is also the most likely to travel to Capital to deliberate in the Moot.
The two Marquis in the subsector are neighbors, and despite vastly different worlds in their charge, long time friends. M. Adaan Dria (of Nishapur) and M. Michel Quan-Goran (of Tuzhiri) are both energetic in excess of their years, and frequently operate as a political and economic unit.

Subsector H - Miruu Subsector
The first Verge Combine began here during the Long Night, at Tripolis, but would suffer altered borders almost continually until its collapse.

Duke James Indrigiir (of Tripolis) also serves as the Sector Duke. A cool, calculating, and, when required, commanding leader. For reasons he chooses not to explain, his relationship with Archduke Dulinor is purely and irredeemably professional.
Countess Laasa Indrigiir (of Tripolis) is the eldest niece of the Duke, and perhaps the most eligible Lady in the subsector. It is common knowledge that she would be difficult to catch. An archetypal Terran redhead (from her mother's side), she is fiery, stubborn, and fiercely capable at her position in subsector and sector politics. Unlike her cousins, but like her mother, she eschewed the traditionally Noble service in the Navy, instead serving with, and commanding with distinction, the Imperial Marines.
Count Josiah Montforte (of Sulet) is relatively quiet and unambitious for an Imperial Count. This may be a consequence of his needing to pick up the pieces after the reign of his father, who narrowly avoided the direst of consequences following a Crown Audit. Count Josiah recognizes that his probation, and that on his family name, is lifelong.
Count Sebaston Naas-Bennel (of Iedde) is also long-suffering, but due more to the world he is charged with overseeing. His father, the Count before him, was a former member of the Children of Harmony, the religion that holds Iedde under absolute power. This complicates his dealings with the leadership of Iedde at nearly every turn, though he manages to keep some commerce flowing.
Count Petros "Peter" Lycomaasha (of Uranion) is also concerned with the future and economic health of his neighbors at Iedde, as even the slightest variation in demand from Iedde's 90 billion inhabitants can induce economic shockwaves at Uranion. A highly trained economist in his own right, Count Peter knows his business but often has trouble explaining it to others. He has found some success in making use of the most readily exported resource of his larger neighbor, the steady flow of Iedden "Wanderers".
Viscount Hinrauch Pindi (of Beraugaus) is a charming and effective fellow, and one of the few open supporters of the Archduke here, as of 1116.
Viscount Arthelm Varcanian (of Ksandi) is talented and effective, but an inveterate worrier. Much like his Duke, he is quite good at seeing three to five moves ahead. As a Viscount his economic reach would normally be tied to the Duchy he is part of, but Viscount Arthelm has obtained the permission of the Dukes of neighboring Nuzuu Subsector to seek economic liaisons there as well.
Subsector K - Likagemika Subsector
Only a fraction of a subsector, as the Rift takes some two thirds. Much of the power here is perched on rift's edge.

Duke Arlon M'dele (of Turin) is an outsider, appointed to the position here as one of Strephon's earliest acts. Duke Arlon has served proudly and well despite the rumors around such a backwater appointment. His pride has kept him in office for longer than even he now admits was a good idea, and he is planning his retirement "as soon as his son is ready".
Count Timoty Pelakash (of Daddash) is another aging but energetic noble. This is a defensive mechanism on his part, as his wife and heirs were lost in a freak accident in 1099, and he has never quite managed to move on from that. He made one trip to Capital following the accident and has vowed to not ever spend that much time on a ship away from home again. He has assured his Duke and his staff that his successor has been arranged, but keeps the details strictly to himself.
Countess Baylinn Regishi (of Ekin) is a smart and steely facilitator with a soft center. Known, though never referred to in person, as the Countess of Cats, she keeps a surprisingly large number of Terran felines as pets and is rarely without one in her company. She also has three teenage sons, but somewhat scandalously has never married.
Count Akiida Temad (of Turin) works alongside the Duke and other Counts when present, but is also their designated Moot proxy, and spends a fair amount of time travelling to and from Capital. A sturdy and voluble politician, he is well regarded across the sector.
Viscount Alann Shushursii (of Oktar) sees a full County for his heirs, and has spent much of his career encouraging development on Oktar that would lead to the population growth that would get his children that promotion. He is not subtle, however, and the government of Oktar has been pushing back.
Viscountess Eindelle Khuurshukug (of Kriskus), on the other hand, works with her partners on Kriskus and economic ties elsewhere to keep the world alive. Kriskus is a cruel home, and its inhabitants have little patience for frivolity. Unfortunately there is little of strategic or economic importance here, making improvement difficult. Viscountess Eindelle is tenacious even by the standards of her homeworld, and more patient by far.

Kriskus is also a good candidate for exotic native sophonts (though perhaps unrecognized), depending on the nature of the atmosphere.
Subsector L - Khulikhu Subsector
The part of Verge most closely tied, due to a large cross-border Main, to Dlan in Ilelish, this subsector is more a cultural and economic part of the Domain than average, though still a backwater. This reality shows in the relative paucity of Imperial Nobility of Viscount rank or above. Half of the 38 systems are represented at the Imperial level by only a Knight Resident.

Duke Zamuel Rodrigues (of Jhundale) is relatively young for a Duke, and still learning many of the truths of his station and location. His mother was Duchess before him, assigned to Jhundale after its prior Duke died without clear heir. He and the Count of Tiawan have spent much of the last decade (first as surrogates for his mother and later as the title bearers) attempting to draw Ilelish money into Verge with little sustainable success.
Count Aron Telva (of Tiawan) is another relatively young man for his station, and is only a year older than his closest fellow noble and good friend, Duke Zamuel. Aron has already seen the writing on the wall regarding the prejudices of Ilelish toward Verge, and is scaling back his economic plans somewhat. He has been somewhat successful around the fringes of Ilelish commerce, drawing small-scale speculative trade across the border in the hopes of eventually attracting the attention of larger traders. Aron is a bit of a schemer, though too earnest to scheme with the correct abandon and subtlety
Viscountess Avalyn DuMalth (of Nayi) is a far better schemer, perhaps because she is more self-centered. A focused and competent leader in her youth, advancing age has served to distract and mellow her somewhat. Her most important scheme at the moment involves showing off her younger daughter to the Duke as frequently as possible, in the hopes of attracting the bachelor Duke into marriage. Her daughter, Samintha, is just as tired of the show as the Duke is, but does sort of like him. The Duke, for his part, pretends not to notice.
Viscount Andiir Smith-Sakaar (of Ethessa) is a sometime co-conspirator of the Duke and Count's plans, as his world sits on the sector border and within the Main. A bit older and more seasoned, his goals are also both simpler and longer-ranged, as he has spent much effort over the years trying to get the StarPort Authority to invest in upgrading the port at Ethessa. He has largely given up on the political paths to his goal, as the SPA in both sectors is driven by Ilelish priorities, and is instead attempting to influence the SPA directly. So far it has not worked, though he knows more about SPA development plans in the two sectors than the Archduke perhaps realizes.
Non-Noble Politics

The disparity between what world governments want and what the Imperial nobility want varies widely across the Imperium. This is no different in Imperial Verge. The worlds that share one of the Mains with other sectors are often interested in pulling money into Verge from those presumably more successful regions, while the worlds along the edge of the Rift are often more interested in locally driven improvement. Given the usual sources of outside money and the strings attached to such arrangements, the Rift Shore worlds are often loath to seek outside money at all.

The vastness of the Imperium gives additional truth to the old saying that "all politics is local". Generally frustrated with even Domain level politics, many of the worlds of Verge are, if not actually isolationist, certainly invested more in their closest neighbors than in events and concerns beyond Verge or even beyond their own subsector or cluster.
I had plans to kick off the campaign with my "Merchants of Dennis" scenario idea, where the party goes to a vast starship scrapyard and combs over old, ruined starships to figure out which one they want to buy and fix up, and illegally sell off ship shares to get cash to finance it. I had decided that Priya's Used Starship Emporium was on Shadun (Verge 2426) and spent some time writing up the system, a cozy water world with an island a lot like O'ahu, Hawai'i, and a small but rational republic of a government.

Unfortunately, two of my five players couldn't make it. Instead, I ran a "prequel" adventure for the other three.

Since Verge Sector has 18 systems with names that duplicate another system's in the sector, I decided that somehow the three of them had booked travel to the wrong Shadun (Verge 1825). It's six parsecs away from the right Shadun. It also happens to be a desert world, a self-perpetuating oligarchy with no law, and it's an Amber Zone.

The three of them spent the evening working their way from Shadun to Shadun, getting into the usual kind of trouble, as Travellers are wont to do. Good times.
(Select) Worlds of Mimiuudlika Subsector

Rakhason (2208 Verge) - B89A740-B Wa Pi
A sedate and bountiful water world, Rakhason has proven to be an ample and, so far, inexhaustible supplier of edible sea life for thousands of years. The sole moon is small and orbits at a distance that excites little in the way of tides, leaving only a somewhat eccentric orbit around its primary to create world sweeping storm seasons. Unlike many water worlds, the populace here lives firmly on land, dispersed among the most promising islands scattered across the globe. The capable starport, located in the northern hemisphere near the ice cap, was chosen to avoid the best fishing zones, which are further south and, for certain exotic catches, beneath the southern ice.
Rakhason's Knight-in-Residence presides from the starport island, though she also tours the home islands frequently. The Marquis of Rakhason keeps an island estate far from the starport, though he travels abroad extensively. The Marquis both employs and is himself a highly talented chef, and has found both popularity and economic benefit for his world in a chain of seafood restaurants across the subsector.
Rakhason is something of a curiosity to the IISS as an idyllic water world with a staggering variety of sea life, but no real sophont candidates. IISS Oceanographers and Xenologists frequently test new equipment here.

Salat (2103 Verge) - C586312-6 S Lo
Salat is a mystery. A once lovely world, Salat shows extensive scarring from strip mining operations, but even the Vilani have no record of mining here, and the scars do not appear to match any known mining equipment. At the same time, there are no overt signs that the Ancients were here, or that the world once harbored a native intelligence.
The residents of Salat are mostly in two groups. The "natives" are a corporation, Salat Diversity LIC, who occupy a facility near the lonely starport and volunteer little of their endeavors to outsiders, though they do use a fair amount of off-world equipment. The IISS operates a deep Rift scanning station in the trailing Trojan point and also keeps an investigative team on the ground due to the world's unusual past. Much of the surprisingly large Port is occupied by IISS ships and equipment in various states of repair. As the only Scout base in the subsector, it sees a lot of non-commercial traffic.
The Knight-in-Residence keeps offices at the Port, and a private estate as far from it as he can reach in a fast grav speeder.
(Select) Worlds of Nuzuu Subsector

Krajhune (2603 Verge) - A855788-C Ga Ag
Krajhune should be a tidally-locked world around a dim red star, but the presence of a companion star in the system has prevented this from occurring. There are theories, based on the companion's slightly eccentric orbit and the extreme eccentricity of the two ice giants in the far outer system, that the companion was captured in the distant past.
This world is a broad-spectrum agricultural world which grows a combination of low-light-tolerant imported crops and a wide variety of native crops which have proven to be compatible with Humaniti. The native crops include a few borderline crops that require processing, which makes these crops paradoxically popular to coreward among the old Vilani worlds.
The Baron of Krajhune keeps an estate that doubles as a botanical garden, carefully preserving both the native and imported species. The Knight-in-Residence, as is common in the region, keeps his offices near the Port, located not far from the polar ice.
Krajhune has two colonies in nearby systems. Gath was actually re-colonized by Krajhune in the early years of the Third Imperium, while Tesperan sold itself into the position shortly after the Tax Revolt in neighboring Ilelish. As both worlds depend greatly on the agriculture of Krajhune, the relationships are quite stable.

Amdarush (2905 Verge) - E531955-A Hi Na Po
A distant moon circling a warm gas giant around a dimming red star, Amdarush manages to support billions of Vilani-descended Humaniti in a dozen sealed cities and arcologies scattered across the surface, as well as many smaller communities. While the air is too thin to breathe except for a few adapted groups who cluster around the one ocean where the air is just slightly heavier, the planet still supports limited agriculture. Growing seasons are based on sporadic world-wrapping megastorms that the locals have gotten quite good at predicting. The food here is not imaginative, nor edible without some processing (some high-altitude Terran barley being one of the few exceptions), and the vast population depends on imported food for variety.
The Count of Amdarush is from an old family native to Amdarush, and has family estates in the equatorial region in a picturesque area between a high mountain range and a massive extinct volcano. That he and his family keep only commercial holdings in any of the cities is a curiosity that the family chooses not to acknowledge.
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Shadun 2426, or "the nice Shadun"

D96A546–8 Ni Wa Pr


Shadun Vacations and Tours operates a shuttle from orbit to the concrete pad at Priya's Emporium, and likely the characters arrive that way.

There's not much cleared space to land a ship. Priya's Emporium maintains a concrete pad for landing and a single large hangar to get out of the daily nighttime rains. She sells unrefined fuel, but readily admits that it's probably cheaper to go land in the shallows of one of the tiny reef islands and process fuel from the sea water. She has a mechanic/engineer on hand to help in the scrapyard. Priya's does not offer any kind of passenger services, but she'll point out that there's a Waffle Hut and a Sleep Hard Motel right outside the gates of the yard.

Whenever a ship lands, the local guide named Roosevelt shows up with his little six-wheeled electric cart (comfortably fits 6 passengers and luggage) and offers his services. He knows every inch of the island and works for tips (and gets kickbacks from local businesses). He is helpful and friendly, if a bit cloying. He will recommend a better hotel (Urgin Beachfront) and good restaurants and bars. He also knows where the local banks are. If pressed, he knows how to get in touch with unsavory types for moneylending.

World and People

The entire population of the water world Shadun lives on Shasha Island, a 40 x 30-mile mountainous island. Most of the population lives on the outer edges in villages on the mountainside or on the beach. Each community elects a Shaduna (chief) to represent them at government hall. The internal island is a hollowed volcano crater filled with jungle, gorgeous lakes, and scenic waterfalls. It's a paradise and life here is really laid back and chill.

The world has little going for it other than its gorgeous climate and amazing beaches. Most of the labor pool on Shadun is service industry or simple manufacturing, supporting local business.
If you want anything special, you drive to Paduni, the biggest "town" on the island, and put in an order at the general store.

Shadun is a vacation destination for a few thousand people a year who know the secret. The locals hate the tourists. There's a definite "local" vs. "outworlder" vibe. The locals don't trust outworlders at all, and they'll shun them given any "proof" that the outworlders aren't "here for the right reasons," "negotiating win-win and in good faith," and they're "harshing my zen."

Year round, though, numerous locals cater to the tourists to make a grudging living, serving overpriced ice cream, burgers, and fruity drinks and peddling souvenirs and locally made crafts right outside the downport.


The local Baronet and Knight are mother and son. Baronet Zaka Ilimin and her son Sir Abakhi live in a baronial estate a mile into the caldera jungle. There's a short dirt road that winds around the inside of the crater and ends at the gated estate. An unarmed guard tends the entrance and will send away most traveller types, unless they're nobility or present themselves well. He'll announce the guests to the Ilimins and let them drive up themselves. A butleress named Ukhinkuu ("Uki") will make the guests comfortable on a back patio, not inside the house.

The son is a dilettante and has become very much a "local," disinterested in business and diplomacy and very interested in carousing and surfing, much to his mother's disgust.

Nonetheless, the baronet is rather unambitious, as far as nobles go. She knows Shadun is a backwater-nowhere and is glad that her people are super happy and undemanding. She offered to upgrade their port at one point and the locals protested in disgust, citing the nightmare of increased tourist traffic. If pressed, she'll shrug and say, "At least we're not Shadun 1825," referring to the trace-atmosphere desert world with no law to speak of.

She is entirely aware of Priya's identity as Dulinor's daughter and actively guards it. Her son is oblivious of many things, including her identity.

The Baronet is not fond of Dulinor but will not speak bad of him. She thinks he's too serious, but a fair man. She'll be shocked to hear he's an assassin but will back him. She doesn't have enough power to say no. When the Verge Combine splits off, she'll hem and haw and go with whomever seems scarier -- probably the more immediate and local Verge Combine. She can offer nothing for her allegiance; her people are too hippie to wage war and she has no naval resources to speak of.
Baronet Zaka Ilimin

6669AC, Vilani female 54 (Noble/Administator 1, Merchants/Broker 1, Drifter/Beach Bum 3, Scholar/Life Sciences 1, Noble/Administrator 1).

Admin 1, Advocate 2, Art 0, Athletics 2, Broker 4, Carouse 1, Combat (pistol) 2, Comms 1, Computers 0, Diplomat 1, Investigate 1, Persuade 1, Social Science (Economics) 1, Trade 0. Her son’s yacht is technically titled to her. Body pistol. Other assets worth 500 MCr. Available cash: 1 MCr.

Born a minor noble nobody, served in bureaucracy for a few years. Even survived an assassination attempt by a rival family. She felt that the scheming of nobles wasn’t for her and decided to go to college like a normal person, but her parents punished her for disobeying, and they bribed the college to deny her application.

Zaka went into the draft and ended up in the Merchant Marines as a port broker on Dlan/Shunim (Ilelish 1323). She met her future husband there, a guy from Shadun. After one term of service, she mustered out and tried to go back to college, but her parents killed that again.

She ended up following her boyfriend to Shadun and lived on its beaches for 12 years without any contact with her parents (they had no idea where she went). Had a baby (Abakhi). Raised him here.

Her 20-something-year-old son ran afoul of the island Mob, and they tried to blackmail her, and they killed her husband. She didn’t do what they wanted, threatening them with Imperial doom. The following years were super hard on her, nearly killing her, too, from the emotional stress of fighting trumped-up legal battles and brokering deals to get herself out of trouble. Ultimately, the Mob fears her and doesn’t want trouble. They leave her son alone, too.

She ultimately did get to college, getting a Bachelor of Science in Economics with Honors from the University at Core.

In the past 5-6 years, the Baron of Shadun died without an heir. While in Core, Zara asked Emperor Strephon for the Baronetcy. She convinced him of her love for the system and, frankly, he saw an easily controlled, unambitious noble who would follow orders. Dulinor gave his blessing and she was made Baronet of Shadun.
Sir Abakhi Ilimin

8C532B, Vilani male 30 (Diplomat/Dilettante, 3 terms, rank 1).

Admin 0, Advocate 0, Athletics 0, Carouse 1, Comms 0, Deception 1, Diplomat 0, Investigate 0, Life Science 0, Melee (blade) 1, Persuade 1, Seafarer 0, Survival 0. Yacht Shasha Princess, 150000 Cr.

Deeply involved in local politics, for what they are, by sleeping around. Paduni’s mayor hates him. The Mob avoids him, fearing his mother.
While he has a Soc B, he probably isn't the Knight-in-Residence, as that position is usually earned by the individual and does not overlap higher nobility. That doesn't rule it out, though.
(Select) Worlds of Biika Subsector

Veshaa (2212 Verge) - C687244-7 - Ga Lo
Until 1022, Veshaa was a Company world, owned and run as a research station by Gault Diversities LIC out of Sirim (Verge 1912). Veshaa has a distinctive biosphere, attracting research for exotic compounds for any and all applications. For reasons that remain unclear almost a century later, Gault put their charter for Veshaa and the research station up for sale, apparently expecting a quick sale. The sale was stymied by a second and still mysterious party who then, through agents, turned the Charter over to the research station personnel. Their descendants are slowly expanding their presence, and are looking toward relocating their capital to allow the Imperial port to expand.
Veshaa has rebuffed colonization efforts in the past due to its unusual and very robust biosphere, and the citizens here know their future will be a fight against that. As is often the case with deserted garden worlds, speculation about hidden native sophonts abound, but the limited resources brought to bear so far have not discovered any. If the Veshaans know of any natives they are not talking about it.
The Knight-in-Residence of Veshaa is an outsider from Noargan (Verge 2413 and the subsector capital), which is somewhat unusual. While he keeps a close eye on developments between the Veshaans, the SPA, Gault Diversities (who remain a client), and other interested parties, he spends much of his time at a retreat built on an ice-bound mountaintop protruding from the south polar cap.

Inan (2017 Verge) - A85A351-F - Wa Lo
A mild, if not chilly, waterworld, Inan is another world which has changed hands in the recent past. Previously the site of a deep sea mining operation based around an unusually large deposit of rare earths, including lanthanum, Inan attracted a great many transients and opportunists seeking to make a living from the miners. When the mining charter expired around the same time the deposit became depleted, the prior charter holders declined to renew it and departed. The transients and opportunists who didn't feel like leaving were, through machinations of the Subsector Duke, awarded the world in 1075.
One of few fully capable starports in the subsector, Inan Down now lies mostly unused and Inan Highport brings in outside labor to support its shipbuilding. The newly minted Inani recognize an opportunity but are struggling to capitalize on it, despite being as technologically capable as anyone in the sector. They are just beginning to eye the available labor pool of Wanderers and Severed from Iedde (Verge 2816 in neighboring Miruu Subsector) as potential immigrants.
The world's lone Imperial Noble, the Knight-in-Residence, maintains a lavish estate on an island far from the port, but near where the mining operation was located. He is open about returning the former Company "recreation facility" to the planetary government when they are ready for it. He also keeps offices at both Downport and Highport.
The Downport and the lone working community are at opposite ends of an archipelago in the southern equitorial seas. The immense "bullseye" landing grid in the ocean around the port island is visible from orbit.
While he has a Soc B, he probably isn't the Knight-in-Residence, as that position is usually earned by the individual and does not overlap higher nobility. That doesn't rule it out, though.

In this case, it just neatly wrapped it all up. It's a tiny nothing of a system in the backwater. They don't need another knight.
Fair enough. It suggests that the son is more capable than he appears. Proper Knighthoods don't get passed out so easily. The hands off approach you describe as the current underworld attitude may have been earned.
(Select) Worlds of Miruu Subsector (H)

Sarlee (Verge 2811) - A310746-C N Na Pi
Wreathed in the barest of atmospheres, Sarlee's mountainous terrain divides the small world into a number of large dusty lowlands, strung in a chaotic trail around the globe. Long devoid of water, the planet still shows signs of the oceans that once covered it, as well as the wind-carved badlands that could not have come to pass in such a thin atmosphere.
The promise of easily extracted metals and a viable place to call home brought settlers here in the late stages of the Ziru Sirka. They would be bolstered by a wave of Solomani a few hundred years later. The world gave up its metals, including the all-important lanthanum, at a slow but steady pace, keeping Sarlee occupied and in demand all through the Long Night. The domed cities increased in number gradually over the centuries, reaching the current number of great domed cities around the Imperial year 700. Smaller domed communities also dot the globe. The oldest, Leeton, has mined out its surroundings and now serves as the hub of the world government. The others remain centered on mining, and also harvest the inevitable dust from the atmosphere by using the domes that protect them as enormous static traps. A dome just short of its annual Cleaning Day can require traffic beacons to locate, so effective is the camouflage of the dust.
The cities are both distinct and clearly related, both as large works of architectural civic art, and for their people who are rightly proud of their world and home city. Team sports are big here, and world-wide leagues popular.
The Marquis of Sarlee traditionally holds an impressive palace fortress in the southern mountains, built over the location of one of the deep mining taps that the original settlers used to assay locations. In the three thousand years since the tap was abandoned for the domed city at Leeton, the catacombs under the Marquis' palace have taken on a legendary status.

Zinpi (2518 Verge) - B89A368-9 - Wa Lo O:2519 (Beraugaus)
The only rocky world in a system dominated by five gas and ice giants and one wide and chaotic belt, Zinpi serves as a playground for the rulers of Beraugaus, one parsec away. The Starport Authority here is kept to a minimum, and the repair and construction services are contracted to several eccentric locals who maintain extensive shops that work on nautical craft for the visitors from Beraugaus between spacecraft jobs. The boatyards here are neither fast nor widely known, but do have a reputation for quality, and specialize in amphibious designs. They will typically refer spacecraft orders for "normal" designs to other yards unless custom luxury work is called for. They can build to the TL of Beraugaus (TL C) readily.
The remaining residents are either successful ex-pats from Beraugaus, or permanent staff for the homes of the aristocracy. One of those ex-pats is the Knight-in-Residence, who can be found most easily by asking in the bars of the Port, though he does also have an island retreat of his own near the equator. There are estates scattered, often undocumented, across the many islands of this large world, and the IISS is fairly sure they are missing populace in the official Survey.
As is often the case with water worlds, there are always rumors of undiscovered sophonts in the deep. Zinpi's native life is diverse, but does not appear to have taken many steps down the path of sentience.
There is a Highport over Zinpi, but not a large one. It serves mostly to keep passing ships from landing, though it does this only passively. The SPA here recognizes lost potential, and quietly subverts the will of Beraugaus with regards to its "colony".
Great Ilelish Main

103 systems bordering on the edge of the Great Rift. It includes the sector capital of Dlan (Ilel 1021), and subsector capitals of Istvan (Ilel 0527), Jhundale (Verg 2625), and Water (Ilel 1020).
Ilelish – 65 Systems
  • Dlan (Ilel J) – 7
    Shillish (Ilel F) – 19
    Steppe (Ilel E) – 19
    Verran (Ilel I) – 20
Verge – 38 Systems
Khulikhu (Verg L) ‐ 36
  1. Adik (Verg 3125)
  2. Amol (Verg 2728)
  3. Argaithe (Verg 2829)
  4. Beless (Verg 3229)
  5. Creagh (Verg 2730)
  6. Elian (Verg 2726)
  7. Erasim (Verg 2929)
  8. Ethessa (Verg 3224)
  9. Gallejat (Verg 3230)
  10. Inan (Verg 2627)
  11. Jhundale (Verg 2625)
  12. Kajmakkalan (Verg 3226)
  13. Kalkar (Verg 3223)
  14. Korik (Verg 3124)
  15. Kuungu (Verg 2926)
  16. Mallerb (Verg 3021)
  17. Mekkar (Verg 3026)
  18. Mirok (Verg 2725)
  19. Mukali (Verg 2826)
  20. Naris (Verg 2827)
  21. Nayi (Verg 2526)
  22. Nazareno (Verg 3129)
  23. Nestos (Verg 3228)
  24. Ningshia (Verg 2928)
  25. Nyamboo (Verg 3122)
  26. Oyelun (Verg 2927)
  27. Parditi (Verg 3025)
  28. Perralt (Verg 2922)
  29. Phen (Verg 2924)
  30. Rakhasan (Verg 2823)
  31. Serai (Verg 2723)
  32. Sirrahn (Verg 2722)
  33. Suuthon (Verg 3024)
  34. Tatos (Verg 3222)
  35. Thaist (Verg 3028)
  36. Tiawan (Verg 2828)

Likagemika (Verg K) ‐ 2
  1. Shadun (Verg 2426)
  2. Vedir (Verg 2425)