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Velociraptors and Dinos


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I recently reread Michael Crichtion's Lost World (better than the movie), and was struck by the velociraptors. These'd make some useful opponents! Has anyone put out Traveller stats (of any sort) for these and any other dinos?
I believe that the D&D Monster Manual has a section on Dinosaurs. Wether the Velociraptor is one of them or not I couldn't tell you though.
I once played with this using CT and some books on dinosaurs. The weight and size lead fairly easily to hits. Teeth and claws for weapons. Armor is the debatable issue. At least leather/jack and in some cases cloth. Behavior is tough because there are so many conflicting theories as to how these beasts behaved when they were alive.
Actually Jame I just recived some of the material from Space 1889 and it provides some great material on dinosaurs -- Conan Doyle wrote a Lost World too you know... ;)

these look easily adapted to Traveller since Frank Chadwick designed it.
I recently reread Michael Crichtion's Lost World (better than the movie)
Aint it always the way. :D ;)

D20 Modern has a set of stats. I’ll never forget their faces when I casually mentioned Jurassic Park.

It will need some adjustments though. For life blood points use it’s Con score + 10 due to size. I didn’t do that, and the dinos got slaughtered, :( Change defense to AC and your all set.

HD 4-8D8+12, LB 27, Init +2, Spd 60ft, Defense/ AC 16, AR 5, BAB +6, Atk (rake 2D6+2) (foreclaw 1D3+2) (bite 2D4+2). FS (fighting space) 10x10 ft, SV Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +2, Str 19, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10, :confused: don't ask me to explain that one.
Skills. Hide +7 Jump +13, Listen +11, Spot +11, Survival +9
Feats, low-light vision
I haven't been thinking too seriously about this, but occasionally I've toyed with the notion of having a Godzilla-like creature for Traveller. Not necessarily large sized, but something like the size of a elephant with a thrasher, claws & teeth, and a PGMP-12-like breath weapon.
I once read a book, cant remember how long ago and I'm not sure on the title. 'here their be dragons' or something maybe.. In a nut-shell the enemy was a highly intellengent Raptor race (they developed plasma energy weapons and dimensional teleportation or something like that). They had invaded earth, kicked our butts and left only scattered survivors. Somehow someone was able to lead a small revolt that ended up repelling them. No this is not Battlefield Earth but I'll admit it sounds alot like it.

As for the Raptors having a CHA of 10. Most likly thats to represent that they, as far as animals go were/are highly social group/pack creature. a score of 10 is no modifier to social interactions where a negative might encourage a more seperatist social pattern. Personally I'd prolly push Raptors up to a Int of 3, maybe even 4. If not that then push their WIS up to a 15 or higher.
Originally posted by Zephyrus:
Personally I'd prolly push Raptors up to a Int of 3, maybe even 4. If not that then push their WIS up to a 15 or higher.
The rule for WotC products is that no animal ever has an Int higher than 2. More than that and it's a sentient being, albeit not a very bright one. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, but it does mean that it's not really 'just a smart animal' any more.
:rolleyes: longs for a moment for the 3.0 distinction between Animals and Beasts Ohwell. serves me right for not double checking (I was thinking the limit might have been 3 instead of 2). Anyways I'd give them a much higher WIS then to account for natural cunning etc. WIS covers your Spot and Listen skills as well as you Survival (previously wildernesslore) Which ties into the tracking feat.