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trader jim

SOC-14 1K
sniff, sniff - hey guys - do you smell a vargr
in here somewhere ?? i swear ones been in here,
very faint oder. maybe we need to have the place fumigated??
:D ;)
Only thing I can smell in here is human. Why don't you roll in something at least once a week? Geez, I thought I'd be used to that smell by now, but then comes another human who smells worse...

you say i have B?O? you say i stink?? I should roll in what?? thats twice you insulted me, doggy breath!!! i bet you havent had a bath in 3 years!!! but lets be nice about this - i will forget the insult - you just have to get down on your belly and crawl to me begging forgivness!!!
then i might hire you on as my engine room wiper!!! of course that might be to much for a vargr dog to handle!!! :rolleyes: :eek:
;) :D
vargr - my friend - heres some free advice - water is great stuff!! you can do all kinds of things with it!!! BUT WATER IS NOT ONLY FOR DRINKING!! you can take a bath in it - and you just might need one!!! geez - you could even scrubb out that tin can of yours which you call a ship!! :D ;)
now trader jim...
a little powder and a couple of drops behind the neck with advantage and that should clear up the vargr problem....

but don't forget to spay or neuter, the local shelter's offer the service at a low cost.

<Evil Grin>
Originally posted by Blue Ghost:
A bath?! Today ain't Saturday! Oh wait ... it was Saturday....
does crossing a river on local animal transport at that last planet fall count?...I believe that was on .....<sniff, sniff>....245-1102 in the after noon (local time)....
Originally posted by trader jim:
HEY HEY HEY - you can leave the corn flakes thing
outta this!!!! thats a whole different issue!!!!!
;) :D
:cool: :rolleyes:
Heh, you didn't even notice, did you? Is that a nose or a nub on your head? Gave ya another blue star for effort! muhahahaha

vargr - is it true that your ship is made out of old havacola cans and a single duff beer can???
is it true - to reach lite speed someone has to get out and push???!!!
Originally posted by trader jim:
vargr - is it true that your ship is made out of old havacola cans and a single duff beer can???
is it true - to reach lite speed someone has to get out and push???!!!
We use quality products. SPAM cans. The Havacola we put in the sandcaster and shake up the duff before loading it into our mass drivers. Allows explosive reactions upon impact. And get a life, noone uses hyperdrives anymore but you pinkies sure try. Jump drives are better.

;) RV
SPAM CANS!!! SPAM !!!! i shoulda known!!!
MORE DOGGIE FOOD!!! but if you look closly your ships DO look like flying spam cans!!!
:rolleyes: :eek:
Originally posted by trader jim:
do you know what SPAM is made out of??
GROUND VARGR!!!! :rolleyes: :eek:
We take very good care to make sure that less than 1% of our spam is Vargr. Less than 3% is human, and we know less than 10% of what it is. Makes good ships though. If you grind the walls of a can of spam very thin, it can focus a laser!

did anyone notice the lack k'kree lately?

hmmm,I wonder what DID happen to 'my little pony'?

and hivers seem awfully quiet lately too?...

I do seem to have some extra cans of S.P.A.M.
and look, some clam chowder too.
ya know - now that you mention it - i heard a rumor a long time ago - that the VARGR had opened
two new meat prosessing plant on their home world.
yes - it makes you wonder where the kkree and the poor old hivers went - probably mixed upin that SPAM stuff. :rolleyes: :eek: