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Is there any more info about the Vargr availible, that anyone knows about. I have read everything in the T20 book on the subject and in some of the CT books as well. I'm interested in the aspects of their culture and society. Has there ever been any comprehensive books done on the major alien races. Thanks for the help I hope?
You can also look at my website - the Julian Protectorate is heavily composed of Vargr. The website is still suffering a bit from being moved from a free webhost ot its current location - but it is still usable.

The Aliens page in particular might interest you.
The Vargr were first detailed in the Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society - you can get the FFE reprints of those.

The Traveller Adventure campaign book involved the Vargr a lot, and contained character generation tables.

Next came the CT Alien module - you'll have to ebay that one.

Then DGP produced the Vilani and Vargr supplement for MT - ebay again I'm afraid.

The companion adventure supplement Flaming Eye is worth a look too.

GT Alien Races 1 should still be available and contains a lot of useful info.

The only thing to know about Vargr is that they can never make up their minds!

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