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Vargr Fighting Vacc Suit

My Lords, submitted is an image and brief overview of the Model B7 Fighting Vacc, a close combat optimized Vacc suit designed to allow a Vargr to fight as a Vargr should... Tooth and Nail. It should be noted that this is a hardend Vacc Suit, and is a shade below Combat Armor in effectiveness...

It is not a Battledress Suit, and the only powered combat element is the Mandible Acuator, which allows a Vargr to bite in combat with considerable power.

The suit was designed in 1020 by the legendary Vargr scientist, Dr. Gwerf, who at that time was CEO of his life support technology company,
G Systems.

Combat stats are to follow...

Humans should consider carefully the consequences the next time they tell a Vargr to "Bite Me" With this rig on, you can bet they draw back a stump...


There is no reason some crazy man might want to chew through the hull. People like to eat off faces too, make one for hair-less apes Baroni.
Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:
Throw a stick out of the airlock.
Or better yet, into the input feed for the Ion Drive. Turn your Vargr problem into a Fuel Surplus. ;)

'Good Doggie, fetcha stick.... go on boy...'
'That oughta be good for another few parsecs...'

Either that or crack open some poison laced Alpo.

They say there is 'more than one way to skin a cat'. That covers the Aslan. Not sure what the equivalent for a dog is. 'Every dog has his [last] day.'

I second the vote for toothy battle dress. Not because it is terribly functional, but because it would really inspire fear - imagine pirates with toothy battle dress and playing Vargr opera from their external speakers (awoooooooooooo!). Just about as fearsome as Bagpipes. Oddly, I think the Vargr probably love the pipes for just that reason . Or maybe because it sounds like strangling cats....?

(runs to hide from all the xenophiles....)
I may be a human lover, but it's only 'cause they have such beautiful women.

And why should the doggies have all the fun?