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Hi all, I just completed my largest update on my new website and the USSF article. The article is now 134 pages long. Please take a look at the website and the article and pass along any comments or criticisms.

Thanks, Rob
Interesting (and cool) article. One question, why are your capital ships spheres? I can see how it makes things easy to accomodate everything you want, but it'd be hell to spin for gravity.
Hi Kiwi,


Well a couple things affected my use of spheres. 1st there is actually only 2 vessels that are spheres the Phoenix and the Voyager, and only the Voyager is in service as of 2305. I do plan on modifing the Voyager to use a Kennedy style hull. The John Glenn station is also a sphere but it isn't actually designed.

B (yes I'm making a joke of the 1st, B thing) the New Orleans class liner in Ships of the French Arm inspired me.

And finally my spreadsheet for designing vessels will automatically design the hull (wgt, Mat Vol, thickness, surface area, and price) if I use a sphere greatly speeding the design process.

As for the spin habitats. the Phoenix uses internal rings that run on maglev tracks to sping along the outside of the inner hull.

cya, Rob