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Using D20 Modern for T20: The Technical Skill


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One of the big changes I'm making in the D20M rule set is borrowing the T20 Technical Skill. Because the Create, Repair, Disable device skills are all under one skill I figured it would be a good idea to use a unified mechanic for these items. I built this off of the D&D craft skill and some ideas from the Blood And Space: Starship Construction Manual. This is a big chunk of stuff and not well written out.

Craft: Crafting a new item or a duplicate of an existing one requires some materials and time to assemble the final creation.

Step 1: Gather the raw materials. Purchase Wealth DC is the Cost wealth DC of the original item. If the item is licensed, restricted, military or illegal, so will the parts required. There are feats which can reduce the cost of parts, or gain access to parts which are not as restricted. If building a device of a specific PL, but don't have access to the parts of that PL, increase cost by +5 per PL short, or reduce the cost by -4 if access to higher technology.

Step 2: Calculate the Invention Points required. Look up the cost wealth DC on the wealth table (Table 7-1) and divide the dollar cost by the Wealth DC [See large attached table with pre-calculated values].

Step 3: Make the skill checks. Roll a Technical skill check and if the total equal or exceeds the invention points required the device is completed. Otherwise keep a running total of the skill checks, and when the total exceeds the invention point required, the device is completed. How long it takes to make each skill check depends upon the skill ranks of the character: [Table as follows: ranks 1-5: 3 days, ranks 6-10: 1 day, ranks 11-15: 4 hours, ranks 16-20: 2 hours, ranks 21+: 1 hour.]

Adding more people: You can add as many people working on an item as there are spaces around the item. Medium sized or smaller items may have only one person working on them at a time. Coordinating people requires the leader skill. Make a leader skill check, this gives the maximum number of invention points each person can contribute to the project. Make a leader check each week.

Quick Build: If the character has the parts to build a device, they can attempt to quickly throw together an item. Make a technical skill check against a DC of Cost DC + 10. Doing so takes 1 minute per point of the check DC.

Repair: Repairing items uses a similar mechanic as the craft item, but based upon hit points. The raw materials have a cost of the original item cost - 10. Each technical skill check restores 1 hp per point of the skill check. Skill checks take the time as above on the table.

Medical repair: When "fixing" biological items, like creatures, bioreplicas, or items with a self repair capability, the technician is performing in an assistant role rather than in a primary fixer role and fixes only 1 hit point per 5 points of the skill check.

Quick Fix: Make a Technical skill check against the Cost DC, or the HP fix required. The check takes 1 minute per point of DC.

Disable: There are two ways to disable something: destroying it and bypassing it. Destroying items require Technical skill checks to exceed the hit points of the item in question. Disabling something requires the Technical skill checks to exceed the invention points required to build the item in the first place.