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Useful Derlicts


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Any thoughts on imperial era derlicts that may be still floating around in any state of repair. The imperium was full of orbital habitates, highports, mining and research outposts etc. Some would have survived the final war and the collapse. The various books have a Type B highport (infected) at Montezuma, another infected one at Lote, and an abandoned port over Berens.

Has anyone thought what would be at such a site, and others, they could be used as salvage / outposts for the RC or any other pocket empire.

Well in my Banners Sector campaign the orbital starport was constructed around the hulk of a Regal class battlecruiser "Imperic Star" which misjumped into the system while being attacked by virus. Of course how much of the ship is operational is a closely guarded secret.

Yes, saw that on your site (very nice site / pocket empire by the way - have you got any history for the league, and especially its on going post 1200 era stuff?)

The BITS adventure Delta 3 is down as a bulk freighter acting as a port over Emerald, but I was wondering if people had any thoughs / designs etc for all these orbital habitats / factories / labs / shipyards etc., you know like the old LSP mining platform. They would be prime salavage targets in the New Era. I have done about 6 space stations etc in the above caegory (High Guard designs) and will post them shortly.

The final war of MegaTraveller is an interesting discussion for wreckage. If we look back to world war II naval battles many vessels were severely damaged and sank. But what if sinking wasn't an issue. Then vessels were left uninhabitable by wild fires or pummeled into pieces (aka the Bismark).
Those that were not badly damaged were raised from the low waters of Pearl Harbor and repaired.

So, boobytraped wreckages could be floating at jumppoints throughout the TNE Imperium. After the WWII there was an effort to keep civilians out of major battlefields since the hardware was rather deadly. In Traveller there would be no governments to stop the looters but plenty of danger. Retrieving the spinal mount from a AHL could be a long and tedious process but financially beneficial. The virus would be less concerned with such dangers and use such areas to rebuild infected ships.

More than likely, mining colonies would be the easiest resource for old parts. Virus wouldn't have needed to infect them to destroy them since cutting them off would've starved or sufficated there people.

Those are a bunch of the reasons I like TNE setting. It has a potential and freedom for the GM to come up with a ton of ideas for excellent campaigns. The Virus was (IMO) a fabulous idea.
I thought that salvage of industrial facilities etc. would be less dangerous than salvaging warships, less guns, high G floor fields, homicidal virus strains, internal defence systems.

They are less likely to be vamp hosts (not as mobile, defenable or cool) and with minimal m drive they are probably still where they were in Imperial times. And the industrial units would allow you to rebuild your economy.

Then you have the former Hi In dead worlds. Those in the A-D subsectors of Alpha Crucis/Leonis Sector (just rimwards of the RC region of Old Expanses) were targetted by my first group of TNE players ('93-'96) for just such a purpose.

The worst things they had to deal with were still active robots. But they also targetted these worlds of Solomani/Imperial border area because of (a) no atmosphere (very little environmental decay/ reduction of value wear n Tear (b), their technological value and former Port facilities.

Specifically they went after the grav slips/ shipyard machinery, to get the RC's yards back up to snuff. (having only the A-yards of Aubaine, and later the smaller yard at Aurora wasn't enough to justify the RC;'s expansion rate with their PSBB plan the Hivers outlined with them.
(and convoy time to HF/ wrengax/Spica is six months to RC/Aubaine/Aubaine)By J-3/ J-4 shipping.

IMTneU, salvage worlds come in 6 classes based on population, and are graded by TL. Client world TL in the RC was diverse enough, the PC's could target a world of former TL-8 thru F, and have a market for their hard earned wares, make payments, etc on their ship(s).

Class I: worlds of former pop 5
Class II: worlds of former Pop 6
Class III: worlds of former Pop 7
Class IV: worlds of former Pop 8
Class V: worlds of former Pop 9
Class VI: worlds of former Pop A (10).

A quick rule of thumb for salvage time of materials/ machinery I used (and others may use at will/ modify):
I: 1d6 weeks+ Jump time(x number of trips to move stuff)*
II: 2d6 weeks + Jump time III: 1d6 Months + Jump time*
III: 1d6 months + Jump time*
IV: 2d6 months + jump time*
V: 1d6 years + jump time*
VI: 2d6 years + jump time*

Hope this helps!

From notes on "Jumping Jack Flash Interstellar Salvage & Mercantile, Ltd." , in the TNe heretical RC of Liam Devlin
Originally posted by Antony:
I am currently working on the history of the Czarate of Delsun. I have so far only done the Alston League to 5717 AD (1201 Im)
Side issue: Based on the reference in AM6:Solomani to the effect that 292-950 Im corresponds to March 13 5471, I get 001-1201 to correspond to Mar 25 5721.

What about a Virus-infected ship that was just set down on a planet, stripped of fuel and power, and walked away from?

My only problem with TNE is the short recovery, I'd think that recovery would have taken no less than a century and a half.
I am pretty sure Jame is referring to 1200, not 1248 and the RC, not the 4I.

Less than 70 years (more like 50) to go from TL9 or so back to TL12 with an empire spanning 2 subsectors is actually pretty impressive.
Its not that bad really. Consider only 1 planet is TL12, there are a couple at TL11/10, oriflamme and a couple of others at TL9, and the rest are pretty low tech.

Half those high tech world have minimal populations 10s of millions, and some are just outposts effectively supplied from a few industrial power houses. The RC is surprising fragile, especially when you consider forces available for off world deployment.

And of course the biggest aid is not having to re-invent everything. You have some archives left, some people who still remember how things work, industrial machinery left, and even working items to experiment with. This can chop 5 - 10 years off getting from discovery to mass production.

And of course if they have a difficult problem they can always ask the hivers.

Lets face it, the western world has gone from TL5 (WWI) to TL8/9 now in a century, and the third world has gone from anywhere between TL1/2 to TL4 to TL6-7 depending upon the country (india from TL4 to TL7) in about the same time or less.


I have knocked up some space station designs using High Guard Version 2 (with some misc bits from GURPS).

They include a 2.5ktn defence station, a 1.5ktn lab station, a 50ktn industrial station, a gas giant mining station approx 10ktn, a small highport 50ktns, a smaller high port 10ktnish.

They make convient industrial derlicts especially over the smaller backwater worlds, that may have been missed by the balck war strikes.

If anyone wants them, just tell me and I will post them.

Originally posted by daryen:
I am pretty sure Jame is referring to 1200, not 1248 and the RC, not the 4I.

Less than 70 years (more like 50) to go from TL9 or so back to TL12 with an empire spanning 2 subsectors is actually pretty impressive.
Referring to RichardP's synopsis [above], 70 years is a lot of time. IIRC the RC went after 1192 (initial contact with HF) from the 6 worlds of the Dawn League to the RC by 1202 (a decade) of 20 "systems".
*Rebuilding what was lost is aided by
a-Imperial remnants
B-Archives of hard data (non virri infectable)
c- Technarches/ tech "priests" who retained knowledge through rote, etc, and rule their worlds (knowledge is Power)
d-Rob-Thy neighbor "Smash N Grab"/Star Viking raids
e-Salvage of Cemetery worlds (a long term project to recover machinery for Industrial Metal refinement, what have you.
F-Interplanetary Trade amongst its members/ control of technology items needed by emember worlds (Baldur is a prime example).
G-The Hiver technical Institute (college to retrain/ relearn these lost skills)-founded in 1193, Aubaine.
H- Hiver Trade convoys from Spica through the "stepping stone" Client States.

1--RC polity has a zenith of TL-12 at formation (M-N subsectors/ OE)
2--Sitah subsector polity of RENJ(SYRIM), max TL-11 (OE/P-subsector)
3--Ring Pact in Hinterworld rimward end, max TL-10, (Hinterworlds N-O subsectors)
4--SPica colony/PE..TL-9 is the max. (B-C subsectors)

And this is using the Dave Nilsen material as is.
Ambitious, yes. "Pie in the Sky-By and By" (PSBB), IIRC is the acronymn by cynical human members of the RC at the Hiver policy. But I have been vaccinated against the DN virus..as have several here responding to this page.

Richard's example of moving at bare minimum 3TL's (3rd world examples)in a period of 70 odd years
TL4 to TL7 is reflected in the Missouri Archives website TNE file: "Collapsing the wilds for pre-Virus worlds"
Wherein worlds of TL-8 to TL-1 actually gaining 1-3 TL's, instead of declining. Planet had to have a pop of 5 at least to achieve this. on the Tech decline roll it looked like this: 1d3-3. On a roll of 6 on a d6,this world would gain 3 TL's. On a roll of 1, it would lose 2 levels of technology.

Conversely, improving starport quality 1-2 places in same time period. This was a suggested house rule, that I have long since absconded with into MTU.
minimum pop. of a world for a B-class port,UWP wise, 3 (1,000's). Minimum for an A-class, UWP pop 4 (10,000's).

RichardP is also correct on the fragile state of the RC economy.At the Start of the campaign (mid 1201, the "formation of the RC from the Dawn League", it is a classic "nexus economic power"-all wealth flows outwards from the Higher tech TL-12 world of Aubaine to the lower tech ones.

And the hypocrisy of "we're doing this better than the IMperium bias/ anti-F-Tech bias is rife throughout (or what else is the RCSA-Auction authority, but a Fedual vassal relationship of markets to distribute the recovered/Stolen/ cemetery-salvaged tech?).

MJD's model & timeline he's let us peek at here on these pages, allows a wee more room for those who think 70-72 years isn't enough.
Originally posted by RichardP:

I have knocked up some space station designs using High Guard Version 2 (with some misc bits from GURPS).

They include a 2.5ktn defence station, a 1.5ktn lab station, a 50ktn industrial station, a gas giant mining station approx 10ktn, a small highport 50ktns, a smaller high port 10ktnish.

They make convient industrial derlicts especially over the smaller backwater worlds, that may have been missed by the balck war strikes.

If anyone wants them, just tell me and I will post them.

Yes please, RichardP!
You got it.

Tayah Class Orbital Station, TL15 50ktn

P400163-340109-05003-L 50ktns, TL15
7 sand batteries, 7 bear
2 repulsor batteries, 2 bear
4 fusion gun batteris 4 bear
1 missile battery 1 bears
Crew 21=51
Mcr 6,466.809

Fuel = 1500 (enought for 12 weeks)
Purification plants x 3
EP=500, Agility 0.5G, Mdrive = 0.5G (orbital adjustment only).
EP spare=215. 150tn capacitors (emergency power 1wk). Aux Comp 5 fib, Troops = 50.
20 x 95tn shuttles, (15 passenger shuttles, 5 fuel shuttles). 5 brigs, 2 traffic control centres, 5 gyms, 2 x 50m long, 10m wide swimming pools, stage, 2 theatres, 5 bars, 5 restuarants, 20 offices, 5 conference rooms, 10 sickbays, 2 operating theatres, 5 electronic workshops, 5 mechanical workshops, 1 plaza complex, 100 high passengers, Hangers for large craft 1 x 15ktn, 2 x 800tn, 8 x 400tn, 20 x 100tn, external grapples for 3 x 1000tn craft, cargo=3000, fuel for sale=3143tn. Optimised nuclear damper.

Rahayna Orbital Station

K400152-000000-00000-0 10ktns, TL13
Crew = 44, MCR 1880.158
Fuel purification plant, no fuel scoops, fuel=1300tn (enough for 1 year), EP=100, Ag=0.5, M drive = 0.5 (adjustment only). EP spare=47, 70tn capacitors (emergency power) Auxiliary bridge, auxiliary computer Model 4fib, 5 x 95tn shuttles, troops=10, cargo=2000, 2 brigs, 2 sickbays, 1 operating theatre, 2 electronic workshops, 2 mechanical workshops, 5 offices, traffic control centre, 2 gyms, 2 bars, 2 restuarants, 2 conference rooms, pass = 50 high, Fuel for sale=2096tn, hangers for 5 x 500tn large craft.

Cirrus class imperial orbital defence station.

B4008H2-E06600-47004-2 2.5ktns, TL=14
Crew= 45, MCR 2478.777
6 batteries laser, 6 bear
3 batteries fusion gun, 3 bear,
3 batteries missiles, 3 bear.

Fuel purification plant, no fuel scoops, Fuel = 400 (enought for 8 weeks full output, or 4 weeks combat and 32 weeks at PP-1 output), EP=200, Ag=0.5G, M drive=0.5 (adjustment only). Auxiliary meson screen F6, auxiliary nuclear damper F6, 2 x 30tn ships boats, troops=9, marines = 24, 6VRF guass guns + 52 basic ammo loads (to repel boarders). 5 crew bars, 6 crew gyms, 3 external grapples for 400tn craft, workshop, sickbay, 2 labs, 17 cicilan service crew in 17LSR. Pass = 12 high, 2 passenger suites (double LSR), chapel, office, brig, 7 shops, 2 restuarants, cargo=528.

The civilian space is either of dual use in poorer systems where they can't afford two stations, or for the amusement of the naval crew whilst on leave (but still on station).

PS. Will post the others tomorrow.

PS. Yes Liam, these are the Cirrus stations shield have found.

Some Industrial Units.

These use the industrial units from the TNE world tamers handbook, 20RM units = 1 dtn, 4000cr of finsihed product = 1dtn.

St Denis Industry Station

P7-00053-000000-00000-8 50ktns, TL12
Crew=194 + workers, MCR 4131.752

No fuel scoops, fuel purification plant, PP=0.1 EP=50, Fuel = 650 enough for 1 year, Ag=0, EP spare=45, Cargo=250.5, Operatimg theatre, 10 bars, 1 stage, 2 theatres, 40 offices, 10 gyms, 2 x 95tn fuel shuttles, 6 x 95tn passenger fuel shuttles, Hangers for 5 x 200tn cargo barges.
Quarters for 1340 workers (1340 LSR), Storage for 1 months raw materials = 10,050tns, Storage for finished products (1 month output)=1172.5, 1340 units TL12 Heavy Industrial Capital. Production Capacity = 4.69MCR of TL12 heavy industrial per month.


E400163-200106-30000-9, 5ktns, TL=12
Crew = 115 + workers, MCR 1,333.269
5 batteries of lasers, 1 repulsor battery

No fuel scoops, Fuel purification plant, Fuel = 100 (2 months), EP=50 Ag=0.5 M drive = 0.5 (orbital adjustment). EP spare = 0, security forces = 5. Aux Comp 4 fib, auxiliary nuclear damper F1, 1 x 20tn launch - passenger transfer, 6 x 95tn fuel shuttles, 2 x 50tn prospecting cutters, 5 x F1 mining pulse lasers, Cargo=295, 4 offices, 2 gyms, brig, machine shop, electronic shop, holosuite, 2 bars, sickbay, theatre, stage, restuarent, 40 units TL12- raw material capital.
Raw material storage = 1500, Additional fuel storage for sale 700tns. 25tn mass driver, 4 tn capacitors. 40 workers each having a LSR. 4 admin staff each having a LSR.

Raw material output = 30,000 units / month.

This is designed to extract raw materials from gas giants (propane rain etc.) The two prospecting cutters are for ring / asteroid mining. The nuclear dampers protect the station against the strong magnetic fields around the GG, as do the armour hull.

The hull also protects against micro-meteor damage

The mass driver is for slinging raw materials back to the main world, the PP charges the batteries, then the MD fires bursts of containers.

The station has 35EP spare to divide amongst the following systems, mining lasers=5EP, repulsor=10ep, machinery=1ep, mdrive=25ep, mass driver=25ep, anti-asteroid lasers=15ep. This assumes nuclear damper and computer operating. The capacitors hold 144EP.