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Use of D20 Modern Feats in T20?


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Good morning, All,

Several of my players have been pushing me to consider using some D20 Modern Feats in my T20 game. I do know that T20 came out before D20 Modern hit the market, otherwise I'm sure Hunter and Martin would have worked some of it into the T20 rules set. However, not having much experience with D20 Modern, could someone help me out here?

Would you recommend any of the combat-related feats from D20 Modern? If so, which ones? And would there be any associated changes with T20 to use them?

Any other suggestions for other D20 Modern feats?

Ultimately, I'm looking for minimal changes to T20 rules, so that it doesn't change the flavor of the game.

As always, constructive feedback is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
One part of the greatness of the d20 system is that you can pull things from other sources and add them in. D20 Modern, UltraModern Firearms, Star Wars even works like DragonStar or the Forgotten Realms Campaign Sourcebook may have feats usable in Traveller. The only thing to beware of is that Traveller handles armour and hit points differently that most of the other books out there.Some feats may be a little too rules dependant to make an easy shift. For example, Windfall (d20M) grants a +3 bonus to your wealth score. Not very applicable to Traveller.
There are a few such conflicts, like the different combat feats related to the use of firearms in D20 Modern, which may create some issues when brought into T20. I can step through it and do all the work to see if the option is viable or not given the differences between T20 combat and D20 Modern combat, but if someone else has already figured out that it works (or doesn't), I'd like to hear what they've found out.

If you're looking for additional feats, check out the d20 spycraft. There's many, many, many (did I mention many) of them and most can be easily ported.
SG-1 is also a good source. It has the spycraft issues around many feats being based on gear points which aren't in T20, but I felt they were better balanced than D20 modern since its a bit high tech and uses split damage types and DR based armour in a similar fashion to T20

"For example, Windfall (d20M) grants a +3 bonus to your wealth score. Not very applicable to Traveller." -Pagan priest

there are charts in d20 modern to scale wealth, or rather the equivalent of how much a rateing is, so if you feel like it you possably could convert it.
But even with those charts, Traveller has a different feel, especially with regards to money. While you could port over Windfall, I don't think it really fits as a general feat.

Things like the Combat Martial Arts tree, or Double Tap... these I think migh be transferable. Unfortunately, I still have not had the time to sit down with all the books and give it a detailed look. Doesn't help that most of the time, one set of books of the other is down in the car.
I suggest you take a look at the Modern SRD:
Modern SRD in pdf form (site also has it in other formats and other SRD goodies)
d20 Modern SRD in rtf format

The Martial Arts feats* are more detailed in d20 Modern than T20 although I also like the Martial Arts Mayhem pdfs (also now in print) by some of the d20 Modern creators. They also have some other goodies for d20 modern including some freebies.

Glancing at the SRD, the following feats looked like they'd translate over fine. A few may be duplicated in T20 already under another name.

Along with the Martial Arts and related feats, Cautious, Dead Aim, Deceptive, Double Tap, Focused, some of the Improved feats, Meticulous, Nimble, Quick Reload, and Streetfighting. There are some others like Low Profile, Medical Expert, and Studious that would work with some slight tweaking. T20 handles autofire / burst differently so I don't think those feats would work. Same with the vehicle feats.

In general I would be very careful adding any additional feats into T20 and only if it complements existing T20 feats (and a Traveller feel) and fills "gaps". (there are some IMO)

As always, YMMV.

* In Starship Endeavor we cribbed over CP2020's expanded Martial Arts rules into T20 along with additional styles from various sources. While it required some more work during chargen it does have discernable differences between styles.
If MArtial Arts stuff is what you are looking for then I'll repeat the SG1 recommendation (and those feats may well be in the parental Spycraft for all I know). A wide variety of styles and tricks introduced with some tree structure for advancement down

Keep in mind that most of the feats from the PHB 3.0 port over directly. Just steer clear of the magic stuff. Some (like deflect arrows) are a tad superfluous in T20 combat, but others like improved critical can have very interesting implications for ranged combat. (especially if you allow scopes and electronic aids to extend the short range of the feat).