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Uplifted Animals : Orca?

Since the Dolphin has been "uplifted" as a species, Does it not stand to reason that the oft maligned "Killer Whales" or Orca could have benefitted from the same treatment? Is there a Precedent for such a creature? Anyone out there Have any thoughts on it?

Some forms of Octopi are said to be as intelligent as a Dog, and with vision facilities very similar to humans... I remember the Gythsakio from an old issue of JTAS, and I found them intriguing, what?

What about "uplifted" Primates? does that tread to far into Planet of the Apes Territory? I think an evil, Rainbow-assed mandrill would be a kickass (and Terrifying) mercenary if done right.

Any Speculations and Postulations along these Lines, my Lords?

Hello My Baron.
I think that if the uplifting of the dolfins had not worked then the orcas may have been tried but because the dolfins worked then to have two uplifted strains competing for the same planets/jobs would be nonprofitable for the company.
Dont forget that the tech could be used on non Terran lifeforms.
Did uplifting occure before the rule of man or during the solomani rim war.
I think primates are to close to us for them to be uplifted but if you think they would make a good one of adventure then i'm shore some company would have uplifted them illegalie and covered there tracks (maybe one planet on the edge of known space).
The drawback with uplifting species is you need to make everything for the new species (tools)and how do you know they are going to be friends or slaves, yes you may uplift Bears like the ursu for high grav planets but how does that help you have just made more competetion for limited resources and living space.
I know this hasnt been a lot of help but.
Perhaps you can answer my question in T20 questions please.
bSeveral speices were uplifted in rival or backup projects. Since the projects were long--term it made sense to have more than one in parallel in case one didn't work out.

And yes, there are uplifted Apes out there.
somoebody besides me must have read David Brins uplift book?.....startide rising had uplifted orca, he was one of the mutineers, surely SOMEONE read the BOOK? :confused:
The character in question wasn't true Orca, he was a dolphin with portions of Orca DNA transplanted....

It was a good book though....
Originally posted by Forged:
The character in question wasn't true Orca, he was a dolphin with portions of Orca DNA transplanted....

It was a good book though....
part-orca i know, a true orca would be way to big for that tiny ship, I pitty the chimp though, he hated water and tried to stay in the ring as much as possible...(if I remmember right)

and the sequal...'the uplift war' with the gorillas?...waht was that bird-like races name again?....hoon?

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