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Upcoming Subscription Products?

I'd love to see more of the Golden Age Starships products, Michael!

I purchased a couple of your golden age starships, and I really enjoy using the Fast Courier as a "starter ship" for the players in my campaign.

However, I can forsee that even the Type CF will eventually be too small for my group, as they will eventually grow out of it. They will want a slightly bigger adventure class ship, and slightly roomier.... but also keeping an overall *flexible* design as the Fast Courier had (streamlined, good jump capability, fuel scoops, a ship class that was not limited to a single-minded function like the Lorimar Merchant ship, etc)

How about an adventure class ship of around 300ton to 600ton size range? Would be great vessel controlled by a typical medium-to-large party of adventurers.

keep up the good work!
Hi Maladominus

Thanks for your kind words. I reckon you should check on GAS-7 LSP modular starship - 300 ton J-2 M-2 with 6 cutter module capacity - infinitely flexible. Also contains 8 new cutter modules. I'm currently working on the Stoner Cluster sourcebook so eventually I will get back to the golden age starships series.

To expand a bit of Mike's comments. The LSP Modular Starship is a 300 ton multimission ship designed to carry 6 30 ton cutter modules. By varying the mix of modules, you can have a ship that is a pure freighter, a pure liner, a mixed freighter-liner, an exploration ship, a light escort carrier, a medical response ship, and so on.

8 new cutter modules are included in the GAS-7, and the cutter modules from GAS-5 can also be used.

Only J-2 and M-2 for performance though if more than 1 fuel module is carried, a J2+J2 could be achieved.