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Univeristy Modifiers

Ok for the Prior history rolls you use the your ability bonuses to add or subtract from your roll. For the University, do you use your EDU bonus or your whole EDU score? :confused:

Also one of the rolls in prior history is modified by rankx2, so if I was an 02 then my modifier will be 4 right?
The Difficulty Class for University Rolls is a number minus your total EDU score. ie 22-12=10

the Rolls are INT rolls so you use your INT bonus (ie Int 14= +2)

Which prior history uses rankx2 for a modifier? I missed that one.
The Mercenary prior history has at the bottom under cash bonus Rank* (Officers 2x Rank).

Thanks for clearing up the University Mods for me.
aha... haven't generated nor witnessed the generation of a Merc yet. that there's where it 'tis. cool. makes sense even.

and yer welcome. enjoy the madness.