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Ukraine players

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I'd like to think that the humanitarian aspects of the situation aren't off-limits under the board's rules.
On the other hand, I'm afraid the political/diplomatic/military aspects of it probably are.
This might make the situation awkward or difficult to discuss here.

Everyone, please be careful and consider the board's non-politics rule before commenting on what's going on.
This isn't the place for politics. There are many others -- please use them instead.

I don't envy the mods right now.
Are there any players in Ukraine?
What can we do to help?
Given that Ukraine doesn't have a native language translation via any official sources, and has a large and active ⌧-spammer community... much of the IP v4 space assigned to Ukraine is on the blocked list.
Therefore, probably are few. Mind, if they're following the rules, and have a non-TOR VPN method, I'm fine with any nation's players. (TOR is a no-go simply due to the extensive use by spammers.)

My prayers are with them.

Admin mode on...
Given the potential for the invasion of Ukraine to evolve into WW III...

I'm allowing this thread to remain outside the political pulpit.

If it gets confrontational, infractions will be at the 3 point level (and thus automatic posting suspension).
end admin mode

If there are Ukrainians active on the board, please, stay safe as you can. Feel free to let us know if you wish.
As it sits now, as I understand the situation...
more than 1 million Ukrainians (mostly women with their children, some elderly, and the disabled - men of fighting age are prohibited from departure) have fled to Poland.
Kharkiv is occupied but not controlled.
Kyïv is essentially besieged.
The UN is paralyzed by Russia holding the chair and a veto.
China is standing by Russia passively.
There is no movement towards actually assisting the defense of Ukraine.

To my mind, this is the start of Holodomor II unless other nations intervene. If others intervene, it's very likely to turn to WW III, instead or in addition.