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Uebelhor, Magyar sector capital


SOC-14 1K
A detailed write-up of Uebelhor, sector capital of the Magyar sector.


Uebelhor A566877-C (1324 Valhalla subsector)

Uebelhor is the capital of the Magyar sector. Legend has it that in the early years of the Rule of Man, the Terran explorer Laszlo von Uebelhor (a Hungarian-born financier of German descent) led a colonial expedition into the sector spinward of the Solomani Rim. The original settlers that accompanied him were of German and Central European ancestry.

The efforts of this tireless explorer eventually resulted in over a dozen permanent Terran settlements being established in the Magyar sector during his lifetime. On his final voyage, von Uebelhor had fallen ill with a fatal disease then unknown to Terran medicine, most likely contracted from one of the numerous alien worlds during his travels. The source of this infection, called Uebelhor's Malaise, was never found. Today, many of the surviving colonies are descended from the original German, Hungarian, Slavonic, Baltic and Russian settlers that took part in von Uebelhor's expeditions. Solomani history books include him in the list of the most important figures of the Terran Diaspora.

The planet of Uebelhor itself is a bountiful world rich in precious metals and other resources. It has an atmosphere comparable to Earth's, and a slightly lower-than-normal gravity. The planet is currently a balkanized world consisting of several nationalistic enclaves, but a loose federation binds them together so as to avoid military conflict.

The city of Uebelhorstadt is the site of the planet's primary starport. This sprawling metropolis of nearly 60 million also hosts the Solomani Confederation's Sector Administration District. Two other cities (Ulászló and Rudolfsburg) have large populations and also play key roles as trading hubs within the sector economy.

The planet is a member of the Solomani Confederation. A Solomani Confederation Naval Base is present in the system.