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Type S Variants

Has anyone ever tried to spec out something OTHER than a Type S 100tn Starship?

Sure it is pretty small and you can only do so much with that little space, but has anyone tried to spec out a 100tn MERCHANT? J1, M1, P1 to see what it looks like?

What about a 100tn SDB?

Just looking for variety...
I've done a MJP1 'jump-shuttle' in T20.

From memory, as my notes are not to hand.

1 hardpoint, 1 stateroom, and I think 55 dton cargo bay. A J2 version had about 40 dtons. Seems quite viable compared to a Type A but it was still losing money because it couldn't carry passengers.

I've also specced an LSP J2 modular transport. Had 3 staterooms at TL13 and a 30 ton pod of course. Hardpoint, auto-doc, ELB.

Like the designs, Aramis.

I think the Type S is a most interesting starship. The original spec (Sulieman), with all it's faults, is very romantic. I like all the different compartments; makes a tiny scout seem large compared to a trader (and I know there are volume controversies, but I don't bother with that). I prefer the T20 spec, as you have that cargo space. But funnily enough, if you count the space in the upper gallery and the rear compartment ( which on active scout service would be packed with sensors and comms gear, and maybe a lab or data cores*) along with the 3 ton bay it adds up to about 20 tons. IMTU I've added a airlock/ramp in the redundant corridor past the A/R bay.

*That extra 2 ep's the Type S is enough to run a class 4 (or 3 if laser armed) computer, which would be the sensor or comms package...

It seems the IISS has several designs in active service. The Sulieman is favoured among some crews because of the ability to get some privacy on a long voyage. The QLI Type S (does it have a class designation? I call it 'Snowbird') may be favoured by techs, as there's lots of room in the engine bay, and the sensor package is easier to install and remove. However, the crew compartment is rather claustrophobic, so it might not gain favour among active crews.

Aramis, your Hikaru class seems to be a variation of the Sulieman (perhaps a Mk4 to the Suli's Mk3?). The Asp design would become a favoured cargo carrier and courier. You can use standard crates on that, rather than the fiddly toing-and-froing shifting by hand required on the Suli.

There are still several questions unanswered about the Type S.

How old are these designs?

When was the standard spec issued?

IMTU prior to the adoption of a standard design in the 200s the Imperium had various different classes. The Suliman Mk1 came about just prior to the Civil War, with the Mk2 following and Suliman proper Mk3 by the 900's. Just prior to the Rim War design bureaus in Ley sector started production of the 'Snowbird' class, but many crews were reluctant to use it so in the mid-1000s in the Spinward Marches a mk4 version of the Sulieman spaceframe was designed. I hadn't yet specced that but your Hikaru fits the bill perfectly. I guess the Asp design came out of ex-Solomani bureaus...?
At 100 tons, a merchant won't make money under any of the systems in print save by nearly pure speculation.

My next is a trio of TL9, D, and F Type A HG redesigns. I'm using Config 6 for the cheap hull and SL... It is a two deck, central bay with front opening. I'll put a PNG up on the morrow of the TL 9.

The reason I did the two scout variations is that those are the most commonly used player-ships. Type A's and A2's are next.
Originally posted by Aramis:
At 100 tons, a merchant won't make money under any of the systems in print save by nearly pure speculation.
I've not done a financial analysis on it, but how about a 100T 'Sleeper' filled with Low berths and cargo?

Or a half-size Yacht for the not-quite-so-wealthy?
Here is a CT LBB2 work up using C.T.U.
Traveller(c) Starship Design

S1 (Sleeper class)

The S1 is based on a 100T hull. It mounts jump drive A, maneuver drive A, and power plant A, giving a performance of jump-2 and 2-G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 40 tons supports the power plant allowing for 1 jump-2 and 4 weeks of operation. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model/1bis.
The ship has the following accommodations:
2 stateroom(s)
30 low berth(s)
The ship has 1 hardpoints and 1 tons allocated to fire control. Installed on the hardpoints are:
1 triple turret(s)
The turret(s) are armed with:
3 pulse laser(s)
There are 0 ship's vehicles:
Cargo capacity is 0 tons. The hull is not streamlined. The ship is not subsidized.

The S1 requires a minimum crew of 2:
1 pilot
1 gunner(s)

The ship costs MCr33.6 (not including discounts and fees) and takes 9 months to build.

Ship's Name: S1
Ship's Class: Sleeper class
Build Cost: MCr33.6
Design Fee: MCr0.336
Mass Production Cost: MCr30.5424 (includes design fee)
Hull: 100T (unstreamlined)
Jump Drive: A (jump-2)
Maneuver Drive: A (2-G)
Power Plant: A
Ship's Computer: 1bis (capacity 4/0)
Ship's Accommodations: 2 stateroom(s), 30 low berth(s),
Cargo Capacity: 0
Available Hardpoints: 1
Mounted Turrets: 1 triple turret(s),
Mounted Weapons: 3 pulse weapon(s),

Generated using the Classic Traveller Utility

Well, at Cr, 2000 per jump per L.B., 30 low berths equal about Cr 60,000 per jump.
Well, lets look at a Bk5/T20 J1M1 "Merchant" at 100Td

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">TL 15
Hull 100Td Saucer SL 8,000,000
Bridge 20 500,000
Model 1 1 2,000,000
J1 2 8,000,000
M1 2 3,000,000
P1 1 3,000,000
jfuel 10 0
pfuel 1 0
8 SR 32 4,000,000
1Turret (empty) 1 0
Cargo 30Td 30 0
Crew: P, E, S 28,500,000
MP: 118,750

1SR Variant,
58 T cargo
MP 104167
</pre>[/QUOTE]Either one CAN make a narrow profit financed... but neither has any margin for not being full. And it's just barely squeaking by.
I'd not finance it... Under T20, both are reasonable designs.
100 tons would be perfect for the StarRider!

Based on the Type S Scout/Courier (TL 15), the StarRider 5700 class Stellar Recreational Starship (Type SR) is intended for chartered use by vacationing families, researchers, or those business-sophonts on the go. Easy to Pilot and ready at a moment's notice to zoom you and the kids to the nearest ringed Gas Giant or volcanic moon, the StarRider 5700 sets the standard for quality, features and amenities in a Class SR Starship.

In a StarRider, there is no need to rush or worry about reservations. There is always a meal and a comfortable bed at the end of the day. Your agenda and destination is whatever and wherever you want it to be, thanks to the convenience and affordability of the StarRider.

Surround yourself in splendor, as the StarRider 5700 features a spacious main suite (with inclusive office area and fresher), limited double occupancy secondary suite which can be easily converted to a single occupancy VIP suite, and a full galley and dinette. The StarRider also features a Star Lounge and Salon with side and ceiling viewports (shuttered during Jump), an extensive entertainment and information center, and a WorkOut Master, as well as a Medical Aid Station.

Huge storage is a trademark of the StarRider. On the 5700, a rear bay provides unparalleled storage with recessed molded storage areas and enough room for even a SpaceHog Classic Enclosed Grav Bike.

Take command of the StarRider with highly automated bridge controls and an almost effortless engineering system featuring jump drive A, maneuver drive A, and power plant A, giving a performance of jump-2 and 2-G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 40 tons supports the power plant allowing for 1 jump-2 and 4 weeks of worry-free operation. Our easy to use Engine Works Utility Panel with large dials, simply displays how to perform each engineering function. No lengthy explanations or wordy booklets are necessary.

Charter a StarRider today for business or fun!

Cue Music:
(with a nod to Foreigner)

I stole a ride on a passing star
Not knowing where I was going
How near or how far
Through years of light
Lands of future and past
Until the heavenly gates
Were sighted at last

StarRider! (Rider! RIDER!)
Take me to the Stars!

All I can think of now are Space Hippies driving this around: "Hey Babe, want to smoke an Arcturian fatty and watch the double eclipse on our way back from Vlandstock?"

(Dang, I need a hobby - wait, that's right, this is my hobby!)