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Type-L 1000 Ton Carrier


SOC-14 5K
The Type-L Random Castle 1000-ton carrier is the centerpiece for light task forces which can perform commerce raiding, anti-piracy or fast planetary assault (against specialized, low-tech or low-population targets) actions. Usually accompanied by 3-4 Superraider-class 1000-ton frigates and, (in planetary assaults) several 1000-ton troop transports or (as support in fleet actions) several 1000-ton resupply ships.

Book 2 design. Type-L Random Castle Carrier. 1,000 tons. Jump-4, 3G, 440 tons fuel. Model/4. 26 staterooms, 6 emergency low berths. 10 hardpoints. 3 triple pulse lasers, 2 triple beam lasers, 2 triple missile racks, 3 sandcasters. 12*10-ton fighters, 1*30-ton ship's boat, 2 air/rafts. 30 crew, 12 pilots. 59 tons cargo. 632.85 MCr. 29 months.
I looked down the last couple of pages of The Fleet forum, but could find no topic for the Superraider (or the assault transport, either).

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That depends on the population and any other ships that are in the strike, and the purpose of the strike. I.e. in a quick raid it might be one to three Random Castles and three to ten Superraiders, while in a major planetary assaults - backed by at least a squadron of dreadnoughts - it could be several dozen Random Castles and an appropriate number of Superraiders.