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Type-K 1000 Ton Frigate


SOC-14 5K
Book 2 design. 1000 tons. T-4, 4 Gs. 440 tons fuel. Model-5. 40 staterooms. 10 emergency low berths. 10 hardpoints (3*triple missile racks, 4*triple pulse lasers, 3*triple sandcasters). Cutter, ATV module, ATV. 25 crew, 30 troops. 576.06 MCr (57.6 MCr fee), 27 months.

The Type-K Superraider frigate accompanies the Type-L Random Castle light carrier as an anti-pirate ship. Occasionally they will be found singly or escorting civilian shipping. Their complement of troops means that they can conduct boarding actions or strike actions against enemy or pirate bases if randomly encountered.
The one thing I find odd, is that there is no armor on these military vessels.

I can't recall for sure, but Book 2 doesn't support armor, does it? <glancing through book 2, unable to find armor>
Nope, no armour rules in LBB2. You'd have to use the High Guard formulae, and then invent house rules for including armour in book 2 combat - or use the High Guard damage tables.
You know, this looks like a good candidate for bringing in Sigg's "heavy turret" variants, found here. That way the frigate could be made into more of a combat monster than it's other 1kdt kin.

Sigg, this mentions that it can only be applied to armored ships - did you actually work up some house rules for that as you allude above?

I think I've tried about three different versions of armour in LBB 2 ship combat.
The armour factor of a ship is designed using the High Guard tables.

System 1:
To penetrate armour roll over the armour factor on 1d, DMs + weapon damage over 1.

I allow weapons of the same type in a turret to be linked and fired at the same time; you stand more chance penetrating armour, but you only get the one to hit roll and if you miss you miss with all the weapons in the turret.
I use the SS3:Missiles rules for missiles and the radiation damage table in the supplement for nuclear missile and particle accelerator radiation damage.

I've posted these before, but I can't find where...
System 2:
armour provides a -DM to being hit, much like personal armour in LBB1 combat:
</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Armour to hit
factor DM
1-5 -2
6-9 -4
10-15 -6
16-19 -8
20+ -10</pre>[/QUOTE]
System 3, based on Striker.
This one uses a 2d6 roll, and weapon penetration vs armour factor to determine damage:
</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;"> 2d6 roll result
less than 2 no damage
2-8 1 damage roll
9-12 2 damage rolls
13-16 3 damage rolls
17-20 4 damage rolls
21-24 5 damage rolls
25-28 5 damage rolls, 1 critical hit
29-32 5 damage rolls, 2 critical hits
33-36 5 damage rolls, 3 critical hits
+ weapon penetration
- armour factor
- range penalty</pre>[/QUOTE]The range penalty is the same as the penalty to hit due to range. Weapon penetration is based on the damage a weapon does in LBB2, or the number of EPs needed to power the weapon in High Guard, the TL of the weapon, and the number of weapons in a turret.
I've put all the weapon penetration values in a new thread, find it here
Book-2 designs *require* that you state the letter code of the drives you install, because the letter codes are your damage track, and are the "armor" of Book 2 designs.
The Superraider does double duty as a platoon transport, kind of like the Rodger Young in Starship Troopers.
I've put it to the High Guard Challenge. How's this:

FS As344D2-35000-40004-0 MCr333.15, 1000 tons.
Manuever04, Jump-3 340 tons fuel. Model/4fib. 10 triple turrets (12 pulse lasers, 12 missile racks, 6 sandcasters). 34 staterooms. 15 tons cargo. 30 crew, 20 troops. One bank capacitors. 62 EP remaining. Agility 6.