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Two possible Intersteller Wars campaigns


Apprentice in space:
Manuel Albadawi instituted a custom of taking the top graduates of the Terran Naval Acadamy on as personal aides-de-camp(a custom that still survives with variations in the Imperial and Solomani Navies. Also in the Gram, Narsil, and Tizonian navies and in the SWC Farkost-Kriegstaab*.
The PC's are assigned to this duty. They vary between acting as bridge officers during main fleet encgagements, carrying out courier and reconaisance missions between elements of the fleet, the fleet and ground force, or the fleet and local rulers. They in fact act as Albadawi's fire-brigade. This idea allows the main fleet idea to be carried out with less of the constriction of normal millitary campaigns. It also allows a lot of variety.

Vargr Ulcer**: the PC's are assigned as liasons with the Vargr likurni*** on the other side of the Zura Saku. They must arrange the long distance smuggling of supplies, and keep the different tribes in alliance against the common enemy. Do the PC's find there is actually something to admire about them? Or do they grow to despise them as much as the Vilani do and agree that they really are likurni.

*naval staff

**analogy to Spain, France's "Spanish Ulcer".

***transliteration of Vilani for barbarian-it is not to much to imagine that this would happen.
yes that is an imtu-you won't find it in the book.but it does seem reasonable.