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Two Pairs of Arms: Sydites in combat

Ladies and Gents --

Quick question concerning effective stats for their upper and lower arms in combat.

When applying DEX modifiers to BAB and STR modifiers to damage, do the effective strength of the lower arms and effective dexterity of the upper arms come into effect? IOW, does a Sydite have to record separate melee and ranged attack modifiers (and different damage modifiers) for each pair of arms?

Or, since combat is somewhat abstract in how the dexterity modifier affects the Sydite's ability to hit his target (in melee, specifically).
That's the way it was looking to me...I was just wanting to give my NPC Sydite goons an advantage against the PCs when we next play.
I'd just ignore the 1/2 ability penalty for combat purposes.

Neither the THB, or TA1 seem to penalize the Sydite Brutes for combat purposes. Also they don't apply the -2 attack penalty for not having a STR of 14+ for the LAG (Maybe because they're so big?).

The errata didn't address the issue either.