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Tureka Bulk Freighter


SOC-14 1K
From the mind that brought you the relay station and the robotic freighter . . .
I am proud to present another simple, uninspired but utilitarian design.

The Tureka Bulk Freighter
The variant here is shown as Jump2. If only jump one is required then add another 500 tons of cargo space.

The design is like a large box with the cargo bays foreword, crew quarters, and landing bay on the “top” just before the engineering section and the fuel mostly along the “bottom” and aft. The sides of the cargo bays open with many doors and allow multiple cargo shuttles to deliver cargo containers at the same time. The players have captured this class of ship and now need to figure out what to do with it. Nobody else but Tureka flies it and it sticks out like sore thumb.

Ship's Name: Fitzgerald
Ship's Class: Tureka Bulk Freighter
The ship costs MCr1067.7 (not including discounts and fees) and takes 36 months to build.
Build Cost: MCr1043.7
Design Fee: MCr10.677
Mass Production Cost: MCr970.5393 (includes design fee)
Hull: 5000T, (unstreamlined)
Jump Drive: Z (jump-2)
Maneuver Drive: W (1-G)
Power Plant: W (LBB2 1ed. rule)
Ship's Computer: 1 (capacity 2/4)
Ship's Accommodations: 12 stateroom(s), 15 ton crew lounge
Cargo Capacity: 3564
Available Hardpoints: 2
Mounted Turrets: 2 double turret(s),
Mounted Weapons: 2 beam weapon(s), 2 sandcaster(s)
Armor Factor: 1 (IMTU system)
The Bulk Freighter requires a minimum crew of 21:
1 commanding officer
1 executive officer
7 Other personnel (administrative according to the rules)
Ship’s Clerk
Cook’s mate
Broker/liaison Officer
Cargo master
Security officer
1 pilot
1 navigator
7 engineers
1 medic
2 gunners/technicians
Total costs: KCr 1312.2
Fuel 102
Life support 24
Maintenance 1067.7
Crew Payroll 118.5

Generated using the Classic Traveller Utility
Just curious, KG: How many of the crew double bunk?

They could always just land the thing and put some landscaping in, claim it's an office tower...
Double bunk as you see fit. The captain and XO will have their own rooms to be sure, perhaps the chief engineer.
Sometimes there is an “extra room” used to transport company officials and couriers.

I rolled for the cargo and came up with “spices”. I thought it would be funny if they now had to dispose of 3000 dtons of cinnamon. Heheheheheheh…..

Now the 41st is going to be hunting for them. Steal a 200 ton far trader and raise an eyebrow. Steal a 5000 ton ship from Tureka and now there is trouble.
I am, of course, reminded of the Traveller filk "Tukera Lines", done to the tune of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline".

I found it in Google's cache.
Search on "Tukera Lines" +"sweet caroline"

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 13:55:54 -0600
From: John Groth <wombat@premier.net>
Subject: Re: [TML] Why I hate Vilani (WARNING: Tukera Filk!)

The following was originally posted by Peter Newman on 24 March 2000:

**begin transmission**

> >Black ICE <wombat@premier.net> wrote
> >Remind me to write and post a Traveller filk to some truly obnoxious
> >song, as revenge (I'm currently thinking of one to *shudder* Neil
> >Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" [working title: "Tukera Lines"]).

How's this?

Aramis/Spinward Marches 307-1112 TAS News feed

Following their loss of their recent trade war in the Spinward
Marches to Oberlindes Lines [1] Tukera Lines has attempted
to revive their corporate image in the Marches with a heavy
advertising campaign. One of the central pieces of this campaign
is a theme song "Tukera Lines" written and performed, in full
3-D-360D [2] by noted "relaxed listening" music star Sir
Eneri Iridium. We now present for the first time anywhere
"Tukera Lines' live.

[1] The Traveller Adventure
[2] A popular TL 13+ movie format, it includes a full 360
degree 3-D image projected directly onto the viewers

Tukera Lines
Where it began
I can't begin to knowin'

/a sub-title appears: Tukera Lines was founded on Sylea
in -562. Tukera lines - Sixteen hundred years of excellence./

But then I know it's growing strong

/visual of a Tukera long liner lifting off to transport a
large crowd of happy smiling passengers to their destination./

Was in the spring
And spring became a bummer

/visual of a sad dirty passenger getting off a small tramp
freighter whose surly and unshaven crew throw his bags
at him - the tail of the ship says, in letters ten times the
size of a typical ships logo, - Oberlindes/

Who'd have believed you'd come along

/the liner drifts through the upper atmosphere and the
visual pans in through the large port at the front of
the passenger lounge./

Hands, touchin' hands

/brief pan to two Hiver passengers on board the long liner
who appear to be shaking hands/

Reachin' out
Touchin' me
Touchin' you

/the Hiver are discussing something in handtalk
- - a translation appears in subtitles

Hiver #1: "I'm telling you if we simply reroute the
computer here and here we can cross circut the gallery and
the solid waste systems. That way we can get some more
empirical data on human responses to olfactory stimuli."

Hiver #2 "Enough with the bit about the olfactory

Tukera Lines
Good times never seemed so good

/visual of a family of a young upper class couple and their
adoreably cute curly haired child child, obviously High
Passengers, eating an excuisite meal of traditional Vilani
style mush at the Captain's table on the long liner/

I've been inclined
To believe they never would

/visual of an older couple, in typical formal Moran attire,
including the studded leather collar of ownership on the man,
toasting each other with champagne elsewhere in the dining

But now I
Look at the night

/visual of the space scene out the front port, with
Assiniboia visual across 12 degrees of the sky/

And it don't seem so lonely

/a Zhodani battle cruiser of about 50,000 tons displacement
jumps in, with its gun ports open, appearing less
than 100 kilometers from the long liner/

We fill it up with only two

/visual of the long liners two ative turrets frantically
deploying sand/

And when I hurt
Hurtin' runs off my shoulders

/visual of a High Passenger receiving a massage from
an attractive young masseuse in a skimpy costume/

How can I hurt when I'm with you

/switch to external view of the long liner disapeering into
jump space./

Warm, touchin' warm

/cut to the Engineering room of the liner where the
Engineering crew, whose uniforms are remarkably neat
and clean, have poped open the top of a secondary
plasma conduit and are warming their hands over it as
they pass around a bottle of what judging by the
bubbles and sounds must be Scout Brew/

Reachin' out
Touchin' me
Touchin' you

/visual goes back to the two Hiver talking in handtalk -
a translation appears in subtitles

Hiver #2 Are you sure that crossing the sewage and the
food lines won't interrupt our plans to use the subsonics
and holograms to test human belief in jump space

Tukera Lines
Good times never seemed so good

/cut to a short haired man with a para military
demeanor wearing a Vemene uniform who is seen brutally
assaulting and beating an Oberlindes crewwoman, we
see a flash of steel, the man smiles suggestively,
and the view pans out/

I've been inclined
To believe they never would
Oh, no, no

/visual goes back to the Captains table where the next
course has been served - all we can see of it some long
curly hairs cascading off the edge of the serving
dish - the young couple are still at the table but their
daugher is no longer sitting with them, they toast
each other with champagne/

Tukera Lines
Good times never seemed so good
I've been inclined
To believe they never would
Tukera Lines

/visual of the long liner coming out of jump,
wavers briefly, and disolves into a cloud of protons,
the protons form into the words "Tukera Lines."

A parody of Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
which is copyright 1969 Stonebridge Music (ASCAP)
and was found at

TAS News Flash

Aramis/Spinward Marches 319-1112

Singing sensation Sir Eneri Iridium was found dead in his
hotel suite this morning. Police investigators are not
commenting on the case but a source on the Marquis's
personal staff says that foul play is suspected.

**end transmission**

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5000 dTon bulk freighter.
I have a deckplan based on that spec. Even down to the basic box design and location of engineering (rear-lower) crew and passenger quarters (upper) and cargo (lower forward).

It was online, but the site has gone away. :(
^Personally I am going to only draw the crew quarters, bridge, docking bay and engineering control room at the proper scale. That means about 200 or so tons, I can do that. I have month and I may bother to sit down and do it.