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Trillion Credit Squadon PBem


Hello all,
I have long been wanting to play in or even run a TCS campaign. Does anyone know of one that is currently running? Is anyone interested in starting one.

If I were to run the campaign it would be largly cannon Classic Traveller / High Gaurd matterial with a few refinements. I don't think it will be Islands Cluster (too small / limited), but rather an area spinward of the marches. Nor will it be purely stragic either, there will be plenty of chance for roleplaying too.

RW requirements however will make for a rather long turn-around time.
Thank you for your intrest, (only 5 or 6 left to go :( )

To you and all other interested players, I would now ask you to beging thinking of what sort of "mind set" your planet would have.

The senario I have in mind is sort of a "war by proxy" region of space just spinward of the marches themselves. Obviously The Imperium, and The Counsalate have their client states, but of course can not do too much to openly aid thier respective sattilites. (sorry ... you can not buy a Tigeress DN)

As well there are Vilanni colonies, Darrian "lost" colonies, Sword worlders, and even a few "old earth" settlements. Also Solomani refugees from the Rim war (circa 900), have come to the area, bringing their on brand of ... nationalism. To this mix add Vargr, Aslan, and even a Dryone world, plus the few odd other minor races (I'm open to suggestions).

I look forward to getting this under way.
Perhaps the worlds coreward of Darrian and spinward of the Imperium, or perhaps the worlds around the Federation of Arden?

Or, for an interesting twist, even the Core sector around year -100, when Sylea wasn't the dominant pocket empire.
As stated, the area will be basicly straight "spinward" of the marches.

As for the time period, it would be post 5FW (c) 1110-1114 or there abouts.
Still looking for more players? Would you consider a veteran RPer who hasn't touched a Traveller rulebook in about 20 years? (I'd be happy to read up online, though to get caught up.)
Thanks for your intrest, and welcome to COTI.

For you, and all other interested Space Lords er ... players. Let me tell you about the basic

The design system will be basically High Gaurd, with some add-ons from other versions of Traveller.

The core TCS rules for finances, and facilities will be kept. The major changes will include;
-- limited logistics (ie you have to keep track of your missiles, fighters, and crew.)
-- Starports can be upgraded, as can TL's.
-- I am working on some ideas for espionage, and counter-espionage.
-- I am considering dropping the cost of a ship's annual maintance from 10% to 5%.

Remember. You steal from one person is plagarism. Stealing form many is research!
As I recall from my days of RPing Traveller a couple o decades ago, the adventures our characters were on weren't all inside a ship. They allowed for the use of the wide array of skills that Traveller characters could possess. ...

In short, I'm not interested in owning a ship, keeping track of missiles, and so on.