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Travellers' Digest Grand Tour


SOC-14 1K
Despite some spending on eBay, I'm still short a few issues of Travellers' Digest. I'm trying to reconstruct the Grand Tour undertaken in that series; can someone fill in the gaps?

I'm looking for a list of "main" worlds in each adventure. Some jump between several worlds or have branching plots, but each has a main focus.

1: Jode
2: Wal-ta-ka
3: Antiquity
4: Iren
5: Vland (confirm?)
6: ???
7: ???
8: Shudusham (confirm?)
9: Capital
10: Reference
11: ???
12: ???
13: Terra
14: Spectrum
15: ???
16: Irlaggur
17: Kusyu
18: Hoatei (Oatei)
19: Ahfatre
20: Halka
21: Pixie

I've got guesses for the ???'s based on indexes available online, but I want to confirm them. Thanks for your help!
Okay, Issue 6;

Kaiid, Shuna Subsector (I), Lishun

7. Dynam (a naval depot), Mesiona(F), Lishun

11. Adventure is en route between Far Trinity and Shionwee (Geonee homeworld), Shionwee(J), Massilia

12. En Route to Inthra, Dethenes(A), Old Expanses (Torrel, Old Expanses viewed in detail)

15. Could not find a particular planet referenced but it appears to be a Scout Base 2 jumps (max 4 parsecs from Nu Polis in Daibei. Pierson appears to be the best candidate, Hermes subsector (N), Daibei.

I can confirm that Shudusham in Sylea featured in issue 8 but it appears my 2 missing issues are 9 (I really really want that one, have been sniped 3 times on e-bay for it) and unfortunately issue 5.
I may have been the sniper.

I should have an extra copy of #9 showing up soon. Email me at inexorabletash@hotmail.com and I'll propose a trade.
That is soooo cool the way it moves like in the Indiana Jones flicks, but in space...

A Firefly saga
Having just re-read the entire Grand Tour, I was amazed how incredibly dull it was. Compared with some of the T20 offerings and Knightfall, it all sort of falls flat. I understand this was probably due to time constraints and just thinking where Traveller was at when it was written presents the Grand Tour as a remarkable achivement but the adventures are hardly exciting...there are exceptions but the sense of peril is not there.
Yeah, it had some interesting standouts. I thought the Capital, Terra and Kusyu issues were the best, and I bought others on eBay for other reasons (I liked the Psionic Knights series that TD published, among others). (Although, looking back at the Captial adventure, it seems kind of boring in and of itself).

A lot of the in-between adventures were kind of filler, with the main reason for buying those isses being other content.

I have actually never seen the Vland issue; it always goes for obscene prices on eBay.
The Grand Tour was never a standard type of adventure, very little gun play, no starship battles (at least where players take an active role) and very little inthe way of reward. It was all about role playing rather than gaming, as Joe Fugate has said. You took from them what you put in. They really were adventures designed for mature players.

Though I was a bit disappointed about the lack of fanfare at the end.