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Traveller Writers Wanted!


Ever wanted to write for Traveller? Got a great campaign going and need to tell the world about it? Well, we are looking for Traveller 'articles' on a variety of subjects. However there are some specifics;

1. All submissions shuld be in Word Doc. format.
2. Maximum 4,000 words - 2,000-2,500 words preferably.
3. Times New Roman throughout (Times New Roman PS, if you have it).
4. Title in 22 pt Bold, Headings 12 pt Bold, sub-headings 10 pt Bold, text 10 pt not bold.
5. Your name and email address below the title.
6. If you need to do a table, use a table, not tabs.
7. Absolutely no new skills - new specialties are okay though (in moderation).
8. If you need maps and diagrams, they need to be provided as JPGs - they don't need to be world class perfect, just good enough for an artist to follow!
9. All submissions (with subject: Traveller Submissions) to msprange@mongoosepublishing.com

We cannot promise to respond in depth to every submission we receive, nor to do so quickly. However, every one will be read and considered, and the successful ones will become part of the official Traveller line! We will pay 4 cents per word in Mongoose product for every article successfully accepted (post free, but that is per published word, not submitted - so don't waffle!), or 2 cents per word if you want cold, hard cash.

We also have some specific article types we are after. We will look at others, so if you have a blindingly good idea send it in anyway, but these may give you a few ideas.

1. Locations: Bases, starports, asteroids, townships, cities in the clouds, etc - will need maps!
2. Creatures
3. Misjumps: Events or situations that occur when a ship misjumps.
4. Patrons: Use the same format as in the second edition 760 Patrons.
5. Adventures: Can be completely original, tied to an official setting (or not) or even expand upon an existing campaign or adventure (such as 'what happend next' at the end of Beltstrike, or spin offs from adventures in the forthcoming Pirates of Drinax).
6. Robots: sing Book 8.
7. Pirate groups: Their ship(s), personnel, history, etc.
8. Free Trader groups: As above, basically other Travellers.
9. Vehicles and Modifications: Using the forthcoming Vehicle Handbook.
10. Ship's Locker: New equipment, as with the Central Supply Catalogue.
11. New Ships: Note, we _will_ require submissions to come with publishable quality deck plans. No ships without deck plans!
12. Minor Alien Races: Of the sort that only exist on one planet, to be inserted into any campaign.
13. Aslan Clans

Needless to say, if we spot anyone especially prolific and of consistent high quality, we may be asking them to consider a full-scale Traveller book - no promises though!

So, over to you chaps!