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Traveller video screensaver

Andrew Boulton

The Adminator
Using Win XP SP2, 2.4Ghz Celeron moble,512Mb Ram, Intel Extreme Graphics onboard chipset 64Mb, DirectX 9, 80Gig HD with plenty of room, SVGA 1024x768 True Color.

For some reason whenever I tried to install it would kick out to MS Validation website and interrupt the install. Even after downloading and installing the validation plugin it would kick back out to the website and interrupt the install.

Probably would have worked except it is not compatable with Windows Media Player v11.

Oh well. I guess I will just forget about it till I get my new computer since i'm not going to drop back to WMP v9.

Thanks for the help

Cool AVIs, Andrew
If anyone has one of the Premium Editions of Vista I think they should also be able to use the clips in the 'Dream Scene' program. (It replaces your desktop wallpaper with a movie clip.)